America Needs Gay Marriage Essay

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" A paper certificate isn't going to solve it all but it's a damn good place to start . No law is going to change us we have to change us." . (Macklemore line 61) Change , it's something that has to come to us , it's something we have to work on . Changing in a day isn't possible it takes time , long amounts of time . Ben Haggerty or otherwise known as Macklemore is a critically acclaimed singer/ songwriter. He wrote a song a called 'Same love' it's a gay pride song about marriage and equality for gays and lesbians. He writes about all the struggles they have to face with their choice of life style. Theodore Olson a writer for the Newsweekly writes about the equality of the homosexuals and their marriage rights , Evan Wolfson talks about how getting more states to go with homosexual marriage , and lastly our amendments which speak about the equal right we have as human and what protects us from the government . Expert such as Theodore Olson say that we will "Always be divided" until we change. We are taking away humans natural born rights. How can we continue to grow, when was the one holding ourselves backs / backed? Here's where things start to get really interesting.
Our population has the vote, the vote to legalize it or toss it out the window. They choose whether or not a bill or proposition will pass. It’s all at their fingertips, at their hands. We are living in a new age, a new generation, one full of change. Were on our way to big changes especially ones that have to do with homosexuality. As the years have passed we have grown more accepting of them, even if we don’t like their lifestyle we still tolerate them, most of the time. Homosexual’s couples have been trying to pass a law that allows same-sex couples since ...

... middle of paper ... grown a lot. We’ve come a long way; no doubt we just need that little push to send us over the edge so we can finally legalize something that should of never been illegal. As a result the three reasons I have listed above prove why we need to change, and why we need to become one. It’s about time we come together as a whole to become an even greater nation.

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