Alcoholic Beverage Advertising

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Alcoholic Beverage Advertising
There is a big debate about the legality of alcoholic beverage advertising on television these days. As we are all centered upon the stereotypical upon the perfect human being, there are instances with alcohol that gives shame to our names. Does this give us the right to ban advertising on such a product? That is the question we ask ourselves every day. When we flip on the television and are watching a show that we adore, whether it be a sports game, or a criminal scenario, there are always ads on the television for products. In this short one minute, or even thirty seconds commercial , the manufacturer’s are trying to persuade us to buy the products by giving good examples and influencing the actual product itself. Even with a simple natural male enhancement commercial we always see a smile on the face of the stakeholder, but does this ethically mean it is wrong or right? To this degree there is no evidence that there is a wronging in the Moral Philosophy of the manufacturers because, in definition, Moral Philosophy means “the area of philosophy concerned with theories of ethics, with how we ought to live our lives.” In this area, there are three divisions, and they are Metaethics, Normative Ethics, and Applied Ethics. While getting into metaethics, it explains what morality is, and to the knowledge of the United States, there is morality of no one is perfect, there are always going to be instances of mess ups, but the thing that brings us to who we are is and will always be our morality. We are only human, no matter where we are residing. The output, and the opinion on the debate about the advertising of alcoholic beverages being banned on television is that the advertising shouldn’t be banned, because we have the right of freedom in the United States, and even a drinking age of twenty-one. It is perfectly legal to drink, and to show what types of beverages there are, manufacturers such as the hard liquor manufacturers promote their product just the same way that most cough and cold medicine, arthritis, and health medications do, television commercials.
Moving onto social responsibility, there is an ethical theory “that an entity whether it be government, or organization has a responsibility to society but this responsibility can be "negative." In that it is a responsibility to refrain from acting (resistance stance) or it can be "positive," meaning there is a responsibility to act (proactive stance).

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” To the common eye, there is a huge inequality of means and roles of different entities to fulfill their claimed responsibility. Different entities have different responsibilities, in as strong as states should ensure the civil rights of the citizens, but also that organizations and corporations should respect and encourage human rights in the work place. Social responsibility can mean more than this. It can also imply that corporations have an implicit obligation to give back to society.
Until recently, beer and wine were advertised on television, but “hard liquor” was not because of the fear of the people’s words because so many citizens have access to a television in which the manufacturer’s advertisement can be shown. To some citizens that have children, this should be a social responsibility to demote the use of alcoholic beverages to under age children. But also, and still this debate between legality and ethically will keep progressing on and on, because hard liquor is a major part of corporations business, and when someone over the age of twenty – one has a rough day at the office or just wants to relax with their friends, they can enjoy the freedom of choice in what beverage they would like to drink, and the acts they want to do.
Moral Idealism is a part of the whole controversy with alcoholic beverage advertisement. A citizen, as well as a corporation has moral idealism, in which they identify morality with an ideal set of moral rules. Morality means in moral idealism terms that it is that “set of rules universal obedience.” Both the citizens, and the manufacturer’s have this set of rules to follow, and when these may be crossing paths equally or in a different tone, it is not up to one person to decide whether or not the advertising of alcoholic beverages should be banned. This final point of clarification is that if beer and wine can be advertised on the television, why can’t hard liquor? If everyone cooperates their social responsibility, and drink to proportion, there won’t be incidents of drunk driving or deaths because someone took to many drinks that night. It is up to the citizen who is watching advertisement of the beverage to decide whether or not to buy the product. It isn’t up to the citizen to ban the product advertisement because they don’t believe in their point of view it is a social responsibility of the manufacturer to retract the product for the safety of others.

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