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In today’s society, advertising plays a huge part of sale production around the world. Advertising is found in almost every place imaginable and where a person least expects it. Some advertisements are very noticeable and distinct, while others are very subtle yet the human eye tends to catch them. There are advertisements all around us which include signs, posters, news papers, Internet, television, movies and much more. Just take a look around and see how many ads can be found.
On average, an American sees up to 3000 advertisements in one day.(ASP) I find this is somewhat believable because advertisements are everywhere. For instance, when I wake up in the morning, I sometimes hear the sound of my alarm radio advertising products, whether it be the sound of Brittany Spear’s voice singing “Pepsi-Cola” or the Verizon Wireless guy saying “Can ya hear me now?...Good.” Then, as I crawl out of bed and head downstairs in the kitchen, I spot out even more advertisements. When I open the pantry cabinet, I see an ad for icing on a box of cake mix or an ad for a specific kind of dog food on my dog’s box of treats. But, the advertising at my house does not end there! My brother may walk in and is dressed for school wearing a favorite t-shirt of his and his favorite pair of New Balance shoes. Even though it may not hit me as being an advertisement for a company, the logo or name brand on his shirt and the giant “N” on his shoe is another form of advertising. It is like my brother is a free walking billboard for that company and he may not even realize it.
On my typical day driving to school I see many billboards as I travel down the high way. As I am driving, I also have the radio on and once again, whenever the radio station goes o...

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...t helps in producing sales for companies. It would be practically impossible for me to write down all the advertisements I see in a day because the list of ads I notice goes on and on, not to mention all the subtle ads I am not fully aware of seeing. I can honestly say that I do not find it hard to believe the statistic of our exposure to 3000 advertisements a day.
Although many people do not realize how many advertisements they see each day, the advertisements seem to be doing their job of keeping sales up and people constantly interested in new things. Advertisements can be found in an infinite amount of places including road signs, bumper stickers, clothing logos, radio, television, news papers, and internet. And, no matter how noticeable or subtle the ad may be, people are still influenced into consuming more products everyday thus helping out the economy.

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