The Advantages to Studying at a Private School in the Philippines

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In our place here in Tonsuya, only few can afford to study in the private school. I came from a private school that’s why some of the kid’s here who were at my age or a few years younger than me are feeling awkward when I approached them, they were like “ bakit ako nilalapitan nito?” or “ nako taga private school yan” and I feel sad about it because I want to make friends with them but they don’t want because maybe they feel small whenever I approach them, that’s why when I was a kid I used to play alone by myself. Most of my cousins also study at the public school that’s why whenever there are reunions we make them feel comfortable and not degraded, our parents thought us that we must not discriminate others despite of what they are in the society; all of us are created equally by God.

According to Article XV, Sec. 1 of the Constitution provides that “the State shall provide and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.” This is one of the pipe dreams of the framers who should have known that, like social justice, government transparency and other fantasies, it belonged to the wonderful Land of Oz (Cruz, 04/05/2009). Quality of education here in the Philippines has two sides, good and bad. The good one is the one that the private schools are offering, besides the good facilities they also have an updated books that can help the students to know more about the subjects that they are studying and also the technology, many technology now are made for the students to make an assignment easily. The bad side is that in the public schools I observed that some of the students there were not paying anymore attention at their lessons because of the crowdedness of classrooms, some are eager to learn but they don’t have enough books or technologies to study and understand their lesson more. It can also affect the progress of our country, because the students are the future workers of our country. Victor T. king discussed in his study that underdevelopment. Underdevelopment is a country which has many problems in terms of job opportunities limited stock of resources and the like.For me underdevelopment is the effect of what education did this batch of graduates are, I’m not saying that public schools can’t produce a good students, my point is that sometimes it is depends on the students on how eager she or he is to learn the lesson.

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In private schools there were also students who want to learn and who don’t, the only difference is you have a choice because compare to the public school students you can have many resources when you are in private school, you can use the internet, the library, and the books.

When a student came from a good school she can also get a good job but what about those who were in the public schools? There are also some students who were good but the thing is we are only looking at background of the person but not its performance. Our country won’t progress if the quality of education is not that good, one of my teachers in high school said during the term of Pres. Ramos, the Philippines is said to be the one of the progressing countries, and if that’s the case I think that it is progressing very slow, so slow that the countries around us were now having much better economy than we do. I can say that I was very lucky to study in a private catholic school because my school moulded me to be a better citizen of this country, and to know my responsibilities as a catholic, I may not be that smart as what my classmates did but what I learn in school is how to deal with people and learn some things about my subjects and most of all the lessons in life that our teachers or classmates experienced.

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