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With the advent of the advanced technology and the Internet, electronic media has become a popular medium for disseminating information to the public. It aids in overcoming communication barriers across geographical landscapes and serves as one the most dependable source to many people around the world. Electronic media is defined as a media platform that uses electronics or electromechanical energy for the audience to access the content. The content is also referred to as the broadcast. Broadcasting is by far the most important source of information (Article19, 2002). According to Curtis (2011), broadcasting is the practice of creating audio and video program content and distributing it to the mass audiences of radio, television and Internet media. To broadcast is to send entertainment and information via one-way electronic media to the general public. Broadcasts usually are intended for recreation, enlightenment, education, experimentation or emergency messaging”. Khemani R.S and Shapiro D. M (1993) states that the term regulation is a broadly defined as imposition of rules by government, backed by the use of penalties that are intended.
According to Salomon (2008):
“Regulation of the content of broadcast material is about protection: protecting viewers and listeners from being harmed or offended, and – in their role as consumers – protected against misleading advertising claims. There are many reasons for protection which are invoked through regulation: the protection of democracy and ensuring the democratic right to free speech is not endangered by censorship; protection of the right to accurate information in news; the protection of cultural norms; and the protection of the quality of the viewing or listening experience....

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...aking a recommendation under subsection (1) the Commission - shall determine whether or not the applicant satisfies the prescribed requirements for commercial or non-commercial broadcasting, radio re-diffusion or the operation of a subscriber television service, as the case may be; and may, if it thinks necessary, hear oral submissions from the applicant.
In conclusion, regulation is vital in broadcasting content. Though through electronic media, it serves as a dependable source to many people, it can harm or offend viewers and listeners including children if left unregulated. It may be not be completely effective due to the current trends in electronic media and the traditional complex broadcast laws, regulations, codes and guidelines. However, there is no single or right answer or perfect solution to in establishing an appropriate and effective regulatory system.

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