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There are many differences between articles written for scholars and articles written for popular audiences. According to Anne Johns, the author of “Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice,” there are ten conventions or moves that exist only in academic prose and when violated, author is seen as an outsider of the discourse community. John Swales (“Create a Research Space” (CARS) Model Research Introductions) and Ken Hyland also talk about writing and the similarities between all academic writing in “Create a Research Space” (CARS) Model Research Instructions and “Disciplinary Courses”. Based on research by Swales, Hyland, and Johns on academic writing, and research by Jeanne Fahnestock, Charles Sullivan and Cameron M. Smith on accommodating academic articles, this essay will point out the differences between scholarly and popular writing by comparing the academic articles by Jamie Shinhee Lee “Linguistic hybridization in K-Pop: discourse of self-assertion and resistance”, the article by Sue Jin Lee “The Korean Wave: The Seoul of Asian” and the popular article by Lara Farrar for CNN ‘Korean Wave’ of pop culture sweeps across Asia.
The Structure of Scholarly Articles
In general, scholarly articles tend to be very long ranging from 20-40 pages long; plain usually black and white containing graphs, charts or tables to showcase the results of the research.The reason being is that academic articles are very explicit. “Text must be explicit” (Johns 506). Writers have to choose their words very carefully and avoid any ambiguity. Jamie Shinhee Lee talks about the discourse community of Korean Pop, or K-Pop, as it is most commonly known and the movement that has made K-pop famous not only in Asia but also in Europe, Middle Eas...

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