Essay about Abortion: Every Woman Has the Right to Choose

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Each of us desires a small hint to what our futures may hold, but few desire the answer to come to them on a stick with two pink lines. An unexpected pregnancy has the potential to become the greatest blessing or an inconceivable challenge depending on the individual and her current place in life. Upon confirming an unexpected pregnancy, each female must evaluate what choice is the best for her and her potential child. Regardless of the decision one makes (whether it be abortion, adoption, or even starting a family) there are certain benefits and drawbacks that are bound to be a part of each. In recent years, the benefits and drawbacks of abortion have become the center of a hostile dispute. The pro-life argument centers around the idea that a fetus has the potential for personhood or is already a person and abortion would be destroying its right to life. Whereas the pro-choice argument states that a women’s right to decide what happens to and within her body over powers the rights of a potential person. As an individual who believes that all people have the right to life, as well as that each person has the right to determine what occurs with their body, I struggle siding with either argument. In efforts to satisfy my morality connection to both rights, I believe that abortion within the first 22 weeks of pregnancy should be a legally protected right guaranteed to all females regardless of the circumstances that lead to their pregnancy.

Few individuals would dispute the claim that murder is wrong. Most believe it to be a socially unacceptable act regardless of the surrounding circumstances. For pro-life supporters, abortion is the murder of the unborn child. In general, the argument relies on the premises that killing a “pers...

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..., a 16-year-old, or a med student to carry a child to term if they felt they would not be able to give that child an opportunity at happiness.

Would two pink lines create images of a giggling infant, goodnight kisses and good morning hugs? Or would the pictures be of being disowned by one’s family, working two jobs and paying for milk with food stamps? Depending on each individual, the pictures would likely look very different and range from emotions of bliss to those of desperation. With each situation being so unique, shouldn’t the choices they make following such a realization be just as unique? I would say yes, and for some, that choice may need to be abortion. I would state that it was a moral responsibility to give all females the right to abortion within the first 22 weeks of their pregnancy. Who wants to picture their future by a stick covered in urine?

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