A Window Into Adults WithAttention-Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder Essay

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Much of the awareness associated with Attention-Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD), has been linked to children and adolescents. The problem with that belief is that there’s an ever-growing population of adults who have been diagnosed with the disorder and live with it day by day. The process of living with the disability, getting diagnosed and receiving treatment, is an interesting one that has begun to rapidly get attention over the past few years.
The impact of this disorder can range anywhere from a mild distress to a problem that spreads into all aspects of an adults life. One of the main components to an adult living with ADHD is the work related one. Adults with the disability have a much higher probability of getting fired or quitting their job without putting any rational thought into it. Research by Weisler and Goodman (2008) suggests that adults with ADHD have a much harder time maintaining a job because of their constant impulsive behavior. The relationship between them and their supervisors can also be affected, the reason being that they have trouble meeting a deadline or constantly procrastinate on an assignment given to them (Stein, 2008). Research has revealed that they had a higher rate of divorce and separation (Weisler & Goodman, 2008). Adults with ADHD have a strong tendency to delay gratification and not be able to think of the consequences to their actions. They usually get frustrated sitting through meetings and listening to others, this is one of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to them maintaining a job (Patton, 2009).
An undiagnosed adult with ADHD can take the disability and adapt to it, never knowing that they actually might have it at all. They might never seek to attend college after hig...

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...them up weeks before they were due. I would study for exams weeks ahead of time. To my surprise I started to do really well in school, I transferred over to SUNY Old Westbury and currently hold a 3.93 GPA. I went from being a C student, to an A student. Regardless whether I have ADHD or not, it does not make a difference to me. I found a way to succeed in school, by attempting something outside of the norm. I built my own methods and procedures for a path to success. I do believe that many college students go undiagnosed for years, sadly many of them drop out and never come back. The educational aspect of ADHD is one of great importance, that itself will lead to more adults connecting daily problems to a specific reason. Its not that they are lazy or incapable of doing the tasks at hand, the problem is that they do not understand the reason behind that obstacles.

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