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Written by William Shakespeare, “Othello” is a twisted tale of deceit and betrayal that turned a beautiful love into a murderous plot due to outside jealousy. The play begins in with Iago and Rodrigo arguing in Venice. Iago is a soldier who is under Othello’s command and Rodrigo has been paying him to spy on Othello because he wishes to be with Desdemona, Othello’s lover. Rodrigo believes that Iago is loyal to Othello and has not been keeping up his end of the bargain due to his lack of information . Iago reassures Rodrigo that he has a strong hatred towards Othello because Othello had recently passed over Iago for a promotion to lieutenant in favor of Cassio, a less experienced soldier. In order to keep Rodrigo’s trust, and his money, Iago decided to inform Desdemona’s father, Brabantio, about her relationship with Othello. This angers her father because Othello is considered “The Moor”, which indicates that Othello is a black man. An upset Brabantio sends his men out at night to capture Othello because he believes that Desdemona would never be with Othello willingly. Hoping to disguise what he had done, Iago runs and tells Othello to warn him, saying that Rodrigo was the one who told her father about their relationship. Othello does not seem phased because he believes that he has not done wrong and that his good reputation will help clear up the matter. In all the commotion, we learn that Othello and Desdemona had just been married.
Brabantio is very upset to hear this and accuses Othello of bewitching his daughter and using magic on her. Othello is then called away to discuss a crisis in Cypress but Brabantio is still upset and he wants justice for his daughter because he believes that she has been taken against he...

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...does, in fact, care for Cassio. Othello then strangles Desdemona.
When Emilia discovers Othello and Desdemona in their bedroom she demands to know what happened. Desdemona, dying in bed, still does not implicate her love in her murder before she finally dies. Othello then tells Emilia about the handkerchief, in which she tells him that he was wrong and that she had taken the handkerchief and given it to Iago. Iago then kills his wife and tries to escape but is soon captured by Lodovico, Montana, and Cassio. The truth is soon revealed, that Othello and Iago planned Cassio’s death. Othello tries to reason with the men but they will not hear any of it. Othello, overwrought with grief over what he had done, kills himself and dies on top of his wife.

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Shakespeare, William, and Jane Coles. Othello. Cambridge, England: Cambridge UP, 1992. Print.

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