A Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin Essay

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Throughout time literature has been used to explain and to explore the very fiber of the human condition. Modern media has joined in on using its ability to reach a vast majority of people to show the Oppression of a second class citizen as shown in Kate Chopin’s “A Story of an Hour”. The modern media that can be seen expressing views related to the views expressed in Chopin’s short story is music. The song “Oppression” by Ben Haper shines the light on the oppression of people. The archetype “the oppressed citizen” is one that can be seen throughout history and society. Chopin uses the literary devices of imagery, symbolism, and dramatic irony to highlight the role of Louise Mallard. The oppressed citizen hopes and dreams becomes a faded memory of the things they could not achieve as seen in the work of Chopin.
Chopin used the archetype of “the oppressed citizen” to show the state of society during the time she wrote “A Story of an Hour”. During that time women were the oppressed citizen throughout Louisiana as stated in the Cultural context, the patriarchal code favored the husband leaving many women at the mercy of their husbands and without a voice. Mrs. Mallard was like many women during this time completely depended on her husband and constricted by the laws during that time.
The role that Mrs. Mallard is required to fulfill in Chopin’s short story may seem simply but after thinking deeply about what role she plays in the story her requirement became deeper. Her role throughout the story is to enlighten the reader to the hardships many women were facing during that time. During this time women were the oppressed citizen, leaving them without a voice which is made clear in the statement,” the laws of Louisiana have their root...

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...code, the civil code enacted in France in 1804 to regulate issues property, marriage, and divorce.” (Kirszner and Mandell 223) One have to see some truth Chopin’s short story because imitates life. Everyone has hopes and dreams of doing something great or becoming someone great and living a life without fulfillment is truly oppression therefore, the hopes and the dreams of the oppressed eventually becomes a faded memory of the things they could not achieve.

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