A Pundit’s Solution to Fixing Drug Violence in Mexico Essay

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Thomas Friedman, a biweekly column contributor for the New York Times, is a pundit who throughout his career has made some bold claims about controversial issues in the news. Bestement and Gutherson argue that a pundit is merely “one who gives opinions in an authoritative manner”, and that while they may speak convincingly, their skills as pundits lie in “their ability… to learn quickly about the broad contours of a wide range of subjects, and to project confidence and authority in talking about them” (Bestement, Gutherson 2005; 2,3). Since a pundit is one who uses existing prejudices to explain complex issues to large audiences in a concise and very generalized manner, inaccuracies are frequent in their arguments; but these inaccuracies are mainly due to oversimplifications, and can be potentially dangerous if taken as truth (Bestement, Gutherson 2005; 3,7). In the Op-Ed piece “Narcos, No’s and Nafta”, Friedman draws on these oversimplifications to explain the drug wars that are taking place across the boarder of Mexico and the United States. Friedman states that Mexico is falling apart because the drug war has turned the country into the “Wild West”, an area where the outlaw drug cartels run the streets instilling fear within the Mexican people. He also claims this is a result of “the success of the U.S. and Colombia[s] efforts to interdict drug trafficking through the Caribbean”, and that privatizing state-owned companies, namely Pemex, would open up the energy sector for foreign investment, which would lead to “real political/economic reform” in Mexico (Friedman 2010). After exploring the matter, such claims proved false. The prohibition of drugs by the United States is what began the violence that persists in Mexico today, n...

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...itative, easy to understand style of journalism gives simple solutions and explanations that are mostly inaccurate, but provide the reader with a feeling of being well informed and knowledgeable.

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