Essay on A Careful and Meaningful Consideration of my Journey in Nursing Ethics

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In this age of fast paced life and information overload, there is a growing need to slow down or even stop to contemplate and critically evaluate the mounting flood of activities and information that swarm our lives. Critical Reflection Analysis has not only become to me a safe haven and comforting refuge, but also a resort that showcases the function of reason and knowledge in understanding the complex nature of relationship that exist between the Healthcare System, the patient, and the Healthcare provider. For a safe and effective nursing practice, a proper knowledge and understanding of nursing code of ethics, the definitions, concepts and principles of all stakeholders need to be recognized.

My journey in Nursing Ethics has provided me with an opportunity to think over some of my life and clinical practice situations and relating whatever has been learnt to future nursing practices. Critical reflection analysis has helped me to identify some practice approaches that have worked well in certain situations in the past, and has given me the confidence to use the same method in the future when confronted with similar circumstance or even find a better way to do it. Ethics in Canadian Nursing Practice has refreshed me with new ideas and concepts, and has also broadened my knowledge base.
It is not only fascinating to understand the myriads of ethical issues in health care, but also to recognize the challenges inherent in these issues. To make informed decisions or judgments in the resolution of some of these ethical challenges will require a good knowledge and understanding of ethics and its application. The import of this course to me can not be overemphasized. It is great to be instructed by a Registered Nurse, who also is ...

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...have enabled me to understand what actions are clearly right or wrong and which ones are controversial. Critical reflection analysis of my ethical journey has empowered me to distinguish between actions that are obligatory, permissible, and wrong. Now, I have a better understanding of how to develop an approach to resolving ethical dilemmas. Indeed, it has been a challenging, but interesting journey.


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