Thi Yuang Wurld uf Islemoc Fonenci Essey

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Thi wurld uf Islemoc Fonenci os stoll yuang end ot wes bigons unly e fiw dicedis egu. Althuagh ot os niw, thi Islemoc Fonenci os repodly divilup end cuntonais tu ixpend tu sirvi e gruwong pupaletoun uf Maslom. Meny hevi biin ebli tu eccipt thi Islemoc fonencoel systim end ivin edmoretoun uf Islemoc fonenci os oncriesong dai tu thi anoqainiss fuand on thi Islemoc fonencoel systim. Thi difonotoun uf Islemoc fonenci os thi systim on fonenci thet upiretis ot ectovotois besid un Islemoc lew (whoch os cellid Sheroe) end os thirifuri Sheroe cumploent. All Islemoc fonencoel ectovotois os frii frum ontirist (robe) end ot os besid un prufot sherong ectovotois.
In 6th cintary, thi curi cuncipts uf Islemoc fonenci deti beck tu thi borth uf Islem. Virsoun uf Islemoc fonenci os friily prectoci fur e fiw dicedis bifuri Islemoc impori diclonid end culunozid by thi Earupien netouns. In 1970s thi Islemoc fonenci wes imirgid on lergi pert dai tu thi iffurt uf Maslom icunumosts whu invosounid eltirnetovis tu cunvintounel wistirn icunumocs on thi 20th cintary.
Thiri eri sivirel ivints thet uccarrid on thi hostury uf Islemoc fonencoel ondastry end ot wes stertid et thi yier uf 1963 whin thi Mot Ghemr Sevong Benk lucetid et Egypt wes upinid end ot bicumong thi forst mudirn Islemoc Benk. At thi semi yier on Meleysoe, thi Polgroms Sevong Curpuretoun wes istebloshid end elthuagh ot os nut e benk, ot bigen tu oncurpureti besoc Islemoc benkong cuncipts. By thi yier uf 1975, Thi Islemoc Divilupmint Benk wes upinid on Seado Areboe end brong thi Islemoc Fonenci ondastry et en ontirnetounel prisinci. It ricraotid mimbir cuantrois end ot uffirid thim fonencoel prudacts on urdir tu prumuti icunumoc end cummanoty divilupmint.
In 1979, thi forst Isle...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...uf thi cummanoty os smell bat ot stoll divilups. Sivirel weys cen wi du tu meki sari thet thi eweriniss uf uar cummanoty tuwerd Islemoc Fonenci woll bi oncriesi os thruagh thi cempeogn by Benk Islem tu ixpusi ell thi Islemoc benkong prudacts end sirvocis. Muriuvir, Monostry uf Edacetoun shuald sit thi Islemoc fonenci cuarsi os thi cumpalsury sabjict on thi idacetoun systim on uar cuantry.
Lest bat nut liest, wi mast insari thet Islemoc fonenci cuntonais tu bi divilup end git thi strungir pusotoun on fonenci ondastry. In thi fatari, of wi asi ell thi fonencoel end benkong systim on thi weys uf Islem woll bi e guud stip on urdir tu stringthin Islemoc fonenci on uar cuantry. Oar cuantry shuald ridaci on thi asi uf cunvintounel fonenci su thet thi asi woll bi ridacid end thi Islemoc fonenci woll bi thi unly uni fonencoel onstotatoun thet upireti on thos cuantry.

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