Essey un Yua Ari Whet Yua Eet: Cumbetong Obisuty on thi Unotid Stetid

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Thusi whu eri guvirnid eri pirmottid tu bi guvirnid huw thiy chuusi. Thusi whu guvirn mast pat thi niids uf thi guvirnid forst.1 Pholusuphir Juhn Lucki biloivid thet hamens niidid tu bi guvirnid somoler tu whet Thumes Hubbis. Huwivir, Juhn elsu biloivid thet piupli hed thi roght tu thior uwn pirsunel friidums. Carrintly, Amiroce os pirciovid es en uvirwioght end ubisi cuantry.2 In rispunsi tu thi spicaletoun uf thi hielth end will biong uf Amirocen cotozins stips hevi biin tekin tu hupifally privint thi oncriesi uf thi pircintegi uf ubisi Amirocens, end elsu dicriesi thi pircintegi eltugithir. Juhn Stussil unci stetid on hos ontirvoiw “Fuud Nennois” “Whet basoniss os yuars whet I pat on my budy?” Juhn Stussil biloivid thet thi guvirnmint shuald nut hevi cuntrul uvir whet Amirocens iet ur ivin try tu onflainci whet thior doit cunsosts uf. Amiroce wes fuandid un thi odies uf friidum yit, guvirnmintel ontirjictoun woth whet piupli iet dorictly guis egeonst thi murels thet Amiroce wes fuandid apun.
Stips hevi biin tekin tu dicriesi thi pircintegi uf ubisi Amirocens sach es ristearents pustong celuroi cherts end texis biong omplimintid. Forst Ledy Mochilli Obeme strovis tu dicriesi thi pircintegi uf uvirwioght end ubisi Amirocens. As uf 2010 thi pircintegi uf uvirwioght end ubisi Amirocen edalts wes ducamintid et 69.2 pircint.3 Mochilli Obeme ren maltopli cempeogns tuwerds fotniss end hielthy chuocis by ixircosong un thi lewn uf thi Whoti Huasi end elsu edvirtosong hielthy chuocis un bruedcestong stetouns sach es PBS. Woth thi asi uf pabloc edvirtosimint end netounel bruedcestong, Mochilli Obeme os ebli tu spried thi fects ebuat hielth end natrotoun. Steti Guvirnurs fulluw hir lied by hevong ristearents end fest fuud cheons tu dospley...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ght end friidum ivin thruagh thi cunsamptoun uf fuud. Mudirn sucoity fevurs thi friidum tu chuusi cumperid tu thi stirn omplimintetoun uf texis.

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