What is the experience of a Latin American immigrant in the United States?

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Have you ever wondered why Latin immigrants come to the U.S.? Do they have any experience with any jobs? Why is the population of Latin immigrants increasing? Many Latin immigrants have moved into the United States which means the Latin Americans population of the immigrant in the United States is increasing. “The Mexican-born population in the U.S., which had been growing earlier in the decade, was 11.5 million in early 2009” (Passel & Cohn 2009) they have come from different countries, such as Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras. There are millions of immigrants in the United States and all these millions of immigrants come here to get better lives and also to look for a job. Latin Immigrants have been coming here to get a good education for their children and for work opportunities. Latin immigrants have much to offer the United States of America (U.S.A) and have become the largest minority in the U.S.A. and are growing at an increasing rate.
The reason why many Latin immigrants are here is because in their native countries there aren’t enough jobs for them and they know that there’s more work in the United States. When they started to come to the United States the first things many did was to get some fake papers so they could get hired for a job. Many go into business for themselves because they don’t have legal papers. “Combined regional census and federal economic data show that in San Diego County, Latino immigrants have a higher rate of self-employment than that of non-immigrant Latinos and even native-born U.S” Citizens. (Berestein, 2010) Also when they get a job many save money and send it to their family in their native country. They are here to earn money in order to help their families in...

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