What Are A Father's Rights Concerning an Abortion Essay

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Women that push for an abortion do not always have a partner that agrees and supports their decision for terminating the pregnancy. If the father is willing to support and care for the fetus, it is wrong for a woman to go against his wishes and follow through with an abortion. For a father to want to be involved in the fetus’s life means he is willing to take on the responsibilities of having a child so he should have a say if his fetus should be terminated or not. The Becoming A Father/Refusing Fatherhood article states, “To be a father-as-progenitor a man simply has to provide the sperm that leads to conception, whereas to be a father-as-carer a man has to take on a variety of social roles. The roles associated with the father-as-carer included disciplinarian, breadwinner/provider, guardian, moral compass, sex role model, guide and friend” (Ives 78). To have a father-as-carer in an offspring’s life gives a woman no reason to get an abortion. The woman is consciously aware of the outcomes of intercourse when willingly performing in such an act. In the Rethinking Roe V. Wade article it states, “if a woman concedes to voluntary sexual intercourse, she has incurred a responsibility to care for the fetus, since she is responsible for its existence and subsequent dependence on her body for sustenance. Consequently, she has a moral obligation to sustain it until birth, an obligation that ought to be legally enforced by proscribing abortions” (Manninen 41). The female is aware of the consequences when engaging in sexual acts so it should be her responsibility to carry the fetus to term. The presence of a partner that is willing to stay by the women’s side and support her during the pregnancy does not give her a reason to obtain an abort...

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