Ways to Improve the Quality of Sports in China Essay

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Nowadays, important sectors in our country like industrial, plantation and automotive sectors are able to enjoy rapid improvement and success domestically or internationally. All these sectors have shown a lot of positive outcomes except for our sport sector. Recent statistics prove that our sport sector is facing problems and is declining in many aspects and areas that contribute to the poor productivity and progress. For example, our national athletes’ disappointment at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games which our country was unable to win any medals in sports competed also indicates that fresh new ideas and alternatives are needed to save as well as to improve the quality of sports in our country. There are many ways that we could implement to improve the quality of sports in our country.
Firstly, the government need to be involve in order to help stimulate the effort of improving the quality of sports in our country. Government could be considered as the most vital factor to direct our sports sector direction toward achieving success that without doubt able to restore pride especially among our athletes. Rewards such as money, status and many other forms of incentives could also be important to develop extrinsic motivation among the athletes to perform and strive even harder in their games to achieve success in domestic and international level. For example, the recent one million ringgit prize offered by our government to any athletes that were able to bring back the gold medals in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to our country was one of the efforts to help arouse the motivation of our athletes to achieve success in their games thus helping to improve the quality of sports in our country. According to the deputy Prime Minister Da...

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...tter athletes that will stand more chance and opportunity of winning compare to those athletes that lives in less suitable and impropriate environment.
‘With dreams come responsibilities.’ (Pico, 2008) This is a clear indicator that in order for us to achieve the dreams which is clearly success and able to bring our sports sector to one big step further and back to where it supposed to be needing us not only the government itself but the private sectors and society as well as the family institutions to act and work something toward making the dreams to become reality and forming better future to our sports sectors that consequently lead to improve the quality of sports in our country as well as helping the development and growth of our country. Implementing some of the ways above could prove to be the answer on how to improve the quality of sports in our country.

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