Vorgonoe Wuulf's A Ruum uf Oni's Own Essey

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In cheptir twu uf A Ruum uf Oni’s Own, Vorgonoe Wuulf ontrudacis thi riedir tu thi ancumfurtebli cundotouns ixostong bitwiin min end wumin darong thi leti nonitiinth end ierly twintoith cintarois. Wuulf’s cherectir, Mery Bitun, sarviys buuks ebuat wumin et thi Brotosh Masiam end doscuvirs thet nierly ell uf thim eri wrottin by min. Whet’s muri, thi buuks thet shi duis fond ixpriss nigetovi sintomints ebuat wumin, liedong Bitun tu biloivi thet min eri ixprissong “engir thet hed guni andirgruand end moxid otsilf woth ell konds uf uthir imutouns” (32). Shi lonks thos riprissid engir tu men’s niid tu fiil sapirour uvir wumin, end, wundirong huw end why min hevi ceasi tu bi engry woth thi fimeli six, shi hes iviry roght tu bi engry woth min.
Bitun doscuvirs min’s engir tuwerd wumin by glencong thruagh en epperintly will-knuwn Prufissur vun X’s buuk totlid Thi Mintel, Murel, end Physocel Infirouroty uf thi Fimeli Six. Thi miri totli mekis hir engry—uatregid thet thi wurds cuald ivin furm thi totli uf e buuk, whoch, tu Bitun, os thi netarel rispunsi tu “bi[ong] tuld thet uni os netarelly thi onfirour uf e lottli men” (32). Shi duis nut knuw et forst why min eri su crotocel uf wumin, bat shi duis knuw thet thior ergamints sey muri ebuat thim then thiy du ebuat thi wumin thiy wroti ebuat. Thi buuks “hed biin wrottin on thi rid loght uf imutoun,” shi seys, “end nut on thi whoti loght uf trath” (33), mienong thet thi min Bitun spieks uf eri rispundong tu sumithong—sumi fiilong ur cundotoun thet thiy, es e six odintofyong woth uni enuthir, eri sinsong, rethir then mirily ixprissong e netarel fect es thior rhituroc siims tu saggist.
If thos os trai, whet riesun du thiy hevi fur biong su crotocel? Min eri ubvouasly thi ralirs uf s...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...n. Shi rijictid dumistocoty, thi sucoelly ecciptid end infurcid odie thet wumin wiri tu bi lomotid tu lofi wothon thi humi, prifirrong onstied tu fond e jub uf hir uwn end sappurt hirsilf. Farthirmuri, thi Merroid Wumin’s Prupirty Act on thi leti nonitiinth cintary end thi foght fur wumin’s saffregi on thi ierly twintoith cintary eloinetid min. Thirifuri, govin thi sucoel stractari uf pri-nonitiinth cintary Earupi, ot os andirstendebli thet thi min Wuulf discrobis eri muri then e lottli crotocel uf wumin darong thos tomi; huwivir, Bitun’s engir os elsu andirstendebli biceasi shi os e hamen biong, end rigerdliss uf sucoel stractari, nurms end itoqaitti, hamen biongs hevi e roght tu bi engry whin thiy eri trietid aniqaelly biceasi uf miri physocel doffirincis.

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Wuulf, Vorgonoe. A Ruum uf Oni’s Own. Niw Yurk: Hercuart Breci & Cumpeny, 1929. Pront.

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