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The most popular thing in our world today is not family, schooling, religion or even the newest song by Jay Z. The thing that our world seems to be the most attracted to is violence. Throughout the years of evolution and invention violence has become the most progressive thing in our society. But through humans’ natural nature of misguidance we often use violence as the solution to many problems, and that may be the real problem. Whatever it is used for good or bad violence seems to be a part of everyday life and no matter how hard we try there is no escaping it. And that is what Gregory Djanikian puts forth in his poem “Violence”.
“Violence” is basically a poem arguing the fact that violence is unavoidable, everywhere, and contagious. In the first stanza the poem implicates that even when you are trying to avoid violence your act of voidance has already been overcame, and you find yourself in a violent situation. The poem continues to go on about inner peace and states that even with the beauty of inner peace violence still crawls up your roots and eat away at the beautiful petals of your flower of peace. In the middle of the poem it creates the fear that violence is omnipresent.
In stanza five the writer gives a real life situation of a wife coming home from being a victim of violence. This example makes the mind wonder about your safety. This uneasiness leads to the writer’s final point that violence can become contagious. It can become contagious due to the instinct fear of violence that may lead to one becoming violent to protect his/her own safety. The final stanza creates a metaphor of life being a star and that violence is the darkness behind it, hidden by the illumination of peace.
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...f violence not only in someone’s life but throughout the world. He created the sense that violence is inevitable through the fact that it is unavoidable, omnipresent, and infectious. Violence has been present since the beginning of time when Cain murdered Abel and it is a gene from Adam and Eve that is passed down to every human. Acceptance is the first step to dealing with violence. In order to fix a problem you have to first acknowledge the existence. One has to accept the fact that there is violence in the world. One has to also accept that there is no escaping the world of violence. Finally, you have to accept that deep down inside of you is a violent being waiting to be unleashed. With that acceptance one will be able to learn how to deal with violence, face violence when forced, and control the violence within and then maybe this world will be a better place.

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