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Violence is an interesting thing. You see, when a person strikes, he believes it to be defensive. The principle believed that the stronger will not only prevail, but go unharmed. Then the other person, with the same belief in mind, results to attack with even greater force, knowing that only this will protect him. So the two keep beating each other with increasing amounts of force until they both topple to the ground, exhaustion taking over their bodies. They probably won’t even remember what the fight was about, let alone if it was worth it. Only the mindless numbing sensation of satisfaction registers; for about 10 seconds.
I once read about a young man who had no aim in life. He simply reassured himself that there was no point in anything. Then he wanders into this country in a state of emergency. It was a war between the people and its government. The government wanted to completely control the people. They were not allowed books, no movies, not even television programs unless they were controlled by the state. Anything that makes the people think of questioning the authority wa...

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