not a real paper

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I'm just trying to join this site. Sorry I don't actually have a paper to donate. If I had the time to do it I would find a paper to give. But I don't. Maybe later.

Printing overview
When you create a document or enter data into a spreadsheet, you may want to see what your work looks like in print. To do this, you must install a printer. The printer might be attached directly to your computer, or it may be a shared network printer located in a common copy room. Once installed, the printer will be listed in the Printers folder as well as in the Print dialog box of the program you are using.

A variety of settings and print options are available once the printer is installed on your computer. For example, you can share your printer with another user or set up a separator page so you can easily identify your document among other documents. You can also change options that specifically affect how a document is printed. For example, you can change the page layout from portrait to landscape or you can change the number of copies that are printed.

For more overview information and a list of common tasks, see Related Topics.

To print a document

Open the document you want to print.
On the File menu of the program you are using, click Print.

In the Print dialog box you can see the number of documents waiting to print on any printer installed on your computer by right-clicking the printer in Select Printer and then clicking Open.
If you are logged on to a Windows 2000 domain running Active Directory, you can click Find Printer to search for a printer on the network with the capabilities you want, such as high-speed or color printing. For more information on searching for a printer, see Related Topics.
To store a document as a file rather than sending it to the printer, click the Print to file check box in the Print dialog box.
For easy access to your printer, you can create a shortcut to it on the desktop.

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You can double-click the shortcut to open the print queue and view the documents waiting to print. For more information on how to create a shortcut, see Related Topics.
You can print a document without opening it by dragging its icon to a printer in the Printers folder or to a shortcut on your desktop.
While a document is printing, a printer icon appears next to the clock in the status area on the taskbar. When this icon disappears, it means that your document has finished printing.
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