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     Date of Birth: 09/01/77
     Sex: Female
     Height: 61”
     Weight: 113 lbs
     Resting Heart Rate: 58 bpm

·     Health problems or injuries:
Previous lower back injuries

·     Medications that may influence heart rate: None

·     Risk of cardiovascular or orthopedic injury: None

·     Individual preferences for exercise:
Jogging, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, resistance ball, free weights, yoga

·     Individual dislikes for exercise:
          Stationary bike, treadmill, some weight machines

·     Individual program objectives and goals:
1)     Maintain health
2)     Increase core strength
3)     Increase lean body mass
4)     Decrease body fat percentage
5)     5 months to train for triathlon:
Need to increase speed and endurance in running, biking, and swimming

·     Opportunities
Live close-by gym with pool, weights, and aerobics classes
Live close by running and biking trail
Gym available at both jobs

·     Barriers
Varied work schedule
Sometimes need partner or personal trainer for motivation

·     Expected Results
“After 5 months of training I expect to be moderately stronger and more efficient in all areas of activity as well as see a reduction in body fat and an increase in lean body mass.”
Cardiovascular/Respiratory Training Schedule

Before Running: Do 5 minutes of light walking.
Before Bicycling: Do 1 set of 10-15 of stationary lunges without weights and do leg stretches (including quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes).
Before Swimming: Do full-body stretching with 5 minutes freestyle swimming.

Cool Down:
After Running: Do 5 minutes of light walking and stretch all leg muscles.
After Bicycling: Do 5 minutes of light cycling and stretch all leg muscles.
After Swimming: Do 5 minutes of easy freestyle swimming and do full-body stretches for flexibility.

Exercise #     Time     Sets     Type
R1     10 minutes     ---     Light run
R2     20 minutes     ---     Intervals – alternating 1 min. light run w/ 1 min. moderate run
R3     30 minutes     ---     Moderate Run

Exercise #     Time     Sets     Type
B1     10 minutes     ---     Light cycling
B2     20 minutes     ---     Intervals – alternating 1 min. light cycling w/ 1 min. moderate cycling
B3     30 minutes     ---     Moderate cycling

Exercise #     Time     Sets     Type
S1     10 minutes     ---     Breast stroke, butterfly, back stroke, freestyle
S2     20 minutes     ---     Breast stroke, butterfly, back stroke, freestyle
S3     30 minutes     ---     Breast stroke, butterfly, back stroke, freestyle

L1: 30-45 minutes of any exercise above at intervals (1 min. light/1 min. moderate). If swimming, do 1 lap light/1 lap moderate intervals.

Week #     Mon.     Tues.     Wed.     Thurs.     Fri.     Sat.     Sun.
1     *R1, B1, S1, R2     ---     *R3, S2     ---     *B2, S3     *L1, B3     ---
*Note: Each exercise does not have to be done simultaneously. Because of varied work schedule and other activities, spread exercises according to amount of free time.

Core Strength Training

Warm-up: Do 5 a minute walk or do 5 minutes of the movements of the following exercises without the weight and so light full-body stretches.

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Cool Down: Quad stretches, ham stretches, and arm stretches for flexibility.

One Rep. Max
Seated Leg Press     Lat. Pulldown     Arm Extension     Bicep Curl
155     90     40     30

Exercise #     Type     Sets     Reps 50%/Max     Weight
W1     Seated Leg Press     2     10-15     80
W2     Walking Lunges     2     10-15     15
W3     Lat. Pulldown     2     10-15     45
W4     Arm Extension     2     10-15     20
W5     Reverse Crunch     2     10-15     ---
W6     Torso Curl (w/ exercise ball)     2     10-15     ---
W7     Push Ups (w/ exercise ball)     2     10-15     ---
W8     Bicep Curl     2     10-15     15

Weekly Schedule

Week #     Mon.     Tues.     Wed.     Thurs.     Fri.     Sat.     Sun.
1     ---     W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W8     ---     W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W8     ---     W5, W6, W7, W8      ---

Rate of Progression: If each exercise can be performed with ease, increase the number of reps by 2-5 to build muscular endurance. Increase the pace and exercise period to improve cardiovascular endurance.

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