Classifiation of Business Students

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Classifiation of Business Students

As members of a team at State University, we are individuals. As a team we are a collage of different individuals working together to achieve a common goal. The goal in this case is a business management degree. No matter how common our goal is as a team, we as individuals each have a unique path in achieving it.

For instance, some team members have an interactive style. They have the tendency to be fast paced, and spontaneous. This is fine and works well with a couple of the dominant styles in the group. They see eye to eye on the speed of completing tasks. On the other hand there is a cautious style in the team that has a slower paced approach to tasks. This is in direct conflict to the interactive styles speed.

Also, the interactive style has a desire to be in touch with and acknowledgement by others. They seek recognition and approval by others. This is a similar aspect of the dominant style. The cautious member of the group has a tendency to work and spend time alone. The cautious does share the interactive styles desire to be noticed, not for effort, but rather accuracy.

Another behavioral style that was noted by one of the team members was part of the interactive style; which is also known as the “impresser.” The impresser is less open and less direct than most other interactive styles. The primary goal that motivates an impresser is to win with flair. The impresser does not want to win at any cost or hurt others’ feelings. Taking shortcuts for an impresser is cheating, so this type of person avoids such behavior. The impresser becomes impatient with those who procrastinate about getting started. At times, an impresser can get so involved with getting a job done that he or she may stretch the truth a bit.

As an impresser one must pace themselves better by adding one-third to one-half the time to original estimates of when tasks can be done. Summarily, reduce by one-third to one-half the number of projects they take on. They must maintain perspective by seeking to be less emotional and intense about non-critical situations. Taking a stress management course and learning simple breathing exercises as a way to deal with pressure will be best for an impresser.

Another style is the predominantly cautious style of behavior.

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It is also known as a master minder. It is said that the master minder is more guarded and less indirect than most other cautious styles. The primary goal that motivates this type of behavior is to increase opportunities for unique and significant personal accomplishments. This type of person express themselves more by what he or she does than what they say. Consequently, this person has strong needs to choose their own goals and to work independently. They like to be primary idea generators and developers and have little interest in dealing with implementation details. Some of the tendencies are being focused and self-controlled with people and also being focused on the future, especially concerning ideas and opportunities. Some time they overly analytical and possibly procrastinating when under pressure. They do take some calculated risk when making decisions but also enjoy planning, monitoring, and measuring. A person with type of behavior needs to work on is being less guarded and more direct when communicating with others. They need to commit attitudinally to work closely with others on important tasks, not just menial ones.

The dominant style is another type of behavioral style. One of the substyles that fall under dominant is called “The Producer” which is a less guarded and a less direct type of personality than the other three dominance style personalities. The primary goal that motivates the producer is the need to accomplish bigger and better goals according to an internal timetable. The producer wants to be involved in a project from start to finish. Their ability to produce makes them highly valued in situations in which an efficient and dependable rate of production is required. They make sure that assigned tasks are completed on schedule and they become very tenacious and focused when under pressure. Dominance personalities are fast-paced and goal-oriented toward productivity and goals. They concern themselves with the bottom line result and thus exhibit firmness in their relationships with others. Dominance styles accept challenges, take authority, and go head first into solving problems. They tend to exhibit great administrative and operational skills and work quickly and impressively by themselves. Dominance personalities are cool, independent and competitive. They demand maximum freedom to manage themselves and others, and use their leadership skills to become a winner. Their other primary strengths are their ability to get things done and their leadership and decision-making abilities. The producers are high energy people who are able to juggle many on-going projects at the same time as well as achieving the desired results.

A person with the dominant style is often in a hurry, always working toward a goal, frequently opinionated; as for a person with the interactive style of behavior wants to be in the middle of the action, whatever and wherever it is. While also fast-paced, they most value admiration, acknowledgement, and applause. The cautious styles are results-oriented problem-solvers but in a quiet, low key way that’s less likely to ruffle feathers not like none of the others which are loud spoken to express their thoughts.

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