Abortion: Women Need a Choice

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Our Nation was built on the ideas of freedom and independence. With that concept, I believe that our government needs to trust that women have the capability to choose what is best for their future. Our society should respect women’s independence and grant them the freedom to decide what is right. This issue is important to me because history has shown that restricting abortions, not only undermines women, but can also be very dangerous.
     I believe that the government should not be able to control what a woman does with her body. By granting women the right to choose, this does not permit her to kill, but to decide what is best for all persons involved. There are many situations that show that abortion may be the best for the parents and the unborn child. Situations such as rape or incest prove that it is not the woman’s fault and not fair to the mother or the unborn child to pay for it. There are other situations such as if the mother carries a disease the can be passed on, or if the parents are unfit to raise a family at the time. Any case however, should be between the people involved and not the government.
     In the past, there have been many cases when abortions were restricted, and women went ahead to find other ways to get it done. They were forced to have it done in unsafe alleys by complete strangers. By legalizing abortions, it has made conditions much safer for women. I think mentally, it has strengthened women in many ways; they can now confront their problems and have options to choose from, and not have to hide their mistakes.

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     We choose to use the term “pro-choice” because we are not pro-abortion. I understand the concerns of those who oppose abortion, but instead of eliminating it altogether, we should create standardized rules and enforce them as much as possible. I know that abortion has it’s pros and cons, but we should trust that women are capable of weighing out each factor and choosing what is best.

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