Blue Sky Marketing

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Blue Sky Marketing

FilmWatch Division Marketing Plan

Trey's Best Opportunity to Dominate Market Research for the Film Industry

How To Use This Report Template

Change the information on the cover page to contain the information you would like. For the body of your report, use Styles such as Heading 1-5, Body Text, Block Quotation, List Bullet, and List Number from the Style control on the Formatting toolbar.

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You can quickly open the Mark Index Entry dialog box by pressing ALT+SHIFT+X. The dialog box stays open so that you can mark index entries. For more information, see Indexes in Help.

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· Select any paragraph and just start typing.
· To save time in the future, you can save the front cover of this report with your
company name and address. For step-by-step instructions on how to perserve your
changes with the template, please read the following section.

How To Modify This Report

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1. Insert your company information in the name and your address in the frame in the
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2. Choose File Save As. At the bottom of the menu, choose Document Template in the Save
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To create a document, choose File New and choose the template you just created. Assuming you followed the steps above, your company information should appear in place.

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Competitor Current Share Share in 3 Yrs.
Largest competitor 50% 30%
Second largest competitor 25% 20%
Third largest competitor 15% 12%

Table. Projected Growth of Competitors.

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