Can a fingerprint be reproduced?

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Can a fingerprint be reproduced?

Imagine the guilt a wife and mother would feel knowing that carrying out her daily routine of waking her husband, so he could get ready for work, would cause her never to see him again. To just send him off as she has done for the past thirty-two years would cause such heartbreak for her and her family. For her to remember the way he would turn on all the lights and make as much noise as possible to keep her awake so that he could get a good-bye kiss. And to think that that kiss would be their last one because when he arrives at work, takes the elevator to the fifty-second floor, and takes a seat at his desk a terrorist would fly an airplane into his building, The World Trade Center.

On that dark day, The World Trade Center became a burial ground. Thousands of people lost their lives because of someone’s warped view of religion. Because of this warped view, we as a country have to make the difficult decision of what to do with the empty area where the Twin Towers once stood. People are divided on what to do with this are in the middle of Manhattan. Should we, as a nation, rebuild The World Trade Center or make a memorial in its place? Many factors play on this decision.

For example, it is prime real estate. Yet, on the other hand, it is sacred ground. A place of reverence and a place of remembrance of those lives lost in the tragedy that occurred on 9-11. People from all over the United States of America came to this one spot not to view or exploit the vacancy but to remember the totality of the two towers by remembering the employees, the bystanders, and all the police officers and fire fighters who lost their lives to save others. Strangers came together to pay their respects to the dead and to show their loyalty and support to their country.

After September 11, this site has become more than a national landmark. People used to come and be in awe because of the magnificence of the two buildings, but now they come for something else. This is another reason it is so difficult to decide on what to do with this void in the New York skyline. People want a place that they can go and remember their loved ones that have passed because of the tragedy on September 11, 2001.

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Since so many died that day, it plays a vital role in the decision to rebuild or not to rebuild. It creates a lot of controversy since that site that has become a cemetery with the remains of the victims scattered all over it. Do you think American would make the same fuss over Mount Rushmore, The White House, or the Statue of Liberty? Are these landmarks as replaceable as the Twin Towers? Would they hold the same meaning? Think about it. For example, The White House was created to impress foreign heads of state. If a terrorist place were to have crashed into this national landmark and be reconstructed would the country’s sentiment of our powerful nation be the same? If it were rebuilt, would the White House still be impressive? Building The World Trade Center again is not going to prove anything to our enemies nor to ourselves. The Towers had their fingerprint on history and like a fingerprint it will never be reproduced again.

What came out of the tragedy is what needs to be represented in a memorial. It need not take the whole sixteen acres, but some of the land needs to be dedicated for it represents more than the eye can see. We as a nation need a place to come and remember the day that Americans became unified for one cause not matter their gender, race, or religious beliefs. On September 11, 2001, we became one family under God, a nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

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