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A Writer's Profile

Attention all passengers, please fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a ride through English 105. You are about to cruise through my writings and learn more about this course. You are sure to experience a great time and learn of what makes English 105 so exciting. Each link at the bottom of the page will direct your attention to a different piece of my work. I am definitely not Hemingway, but I have learned a lot in this class and you will get a chance to see how. So please hold on, it should be a smooth ride.

Classroom Interactions: English 105 is full of interesting classroom discussions. Many topics are covered and they give you more of a chance to think. My favorite classroom activity was when we got into small groups and prepared for a teaching to the class. My group had to present the essay by Carol Tavris, In Groups We Shrink From Loner's Heroics. It was a lot of fun preparing this lesson. We made a PowerPoint presentation and held an interesting discussion. As the class as a whole we had many discussions and got into some in depth thinking.

Development of Writing Skills: When I was in high school I had a wonderful English teacher for my Junior year. She helped get my grammar into order and explore more of my writing. She was definitely a lot of help to me but I feel that my writing actually started when I was in fifth grade. I had many difficulties with my writing and my teacher really took notice to it. She helped me so much that year with her different techniques. At the end of the year she gave me a journal and wanted me to write all summer in order to practice my writing. I had a lot of fun with that journal and feel that it did a lot to help me. When I first started here at NAU I was a little scared because it seemed my writing was slipping a bit. I was getting frustrated that I was getting anything out right. After the first couple of weeks I had more confidence in my writing and learned to review it more. This class has helped so much with the important process of review and why it is so important.

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I now think more critically about things because of this class. I don't let the first draft be my last. When I read or do anything any more I take a look at it from the side with more of a critical view.

Written Documents:

Narrative Essay- The Beauty of Flagstaff

This essay was fun to write except it was the hardest in my opinion because it was the first one and I did not know what to expect. I ended up getting a C on it and was pretty disappointed. I got a C because I wrote it in third person instead of first. I felt like such an idiot, but I did learn to look at directions more carefully and edit my papers more frequently. I was too concentrated on making the paper interesting instead of using appeals. The link to my essay has parts highlighted that I liked the most form my essay.

Painting Review- Homage to the King

This essay was a review on a piece of art from the NAU museum on campus. We were suppose to review a piece of art and tell what kind of appeals it used. The on I chose was a beautiful painting, except it was hard to write about because I wasn't able to find more information on the artist. I used emotional appeals to express how the artist used them. In the link I highlighted important parts to the essay.

Appeal Paper- Teenagers and Their Impact on the Economy

For this paper we were suppose to take a magazine article and discuss the types of appeals used in it. It was pretty fun to write and I got my first A of the year from it. I enjoyed evaluating this advertisement and discussing how it was effective. I used all of the appeals in my paper which made it more useful on its purpose. The link shows important parts highlighted.

Summaries- Summaries 1,2 and 3

The purpose of this assignment was to learn how to write a summary with the practice from three of them. It was a fun assignment and easy to do. I learned more than just the basics that I knew before. I learned what each summary need and why it is important. In my link I highlighted points that I felt were important.

Synthesis Paper- The Maturity of Men

This paper was about a synthesis between two things. We could have done two essay or two films. I chose two films because I enjoy them the most. I learned that a synthesis is not a compare and contrast but more of a way to draw a central them between two things and what one can conclude from them. I thought it was a lot of fun to write because it got me to think more deeper into films than I had before. I used appeals applying to pathos and logos. In the link the important parts are highlighted.

Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography- Controlled Burns

This paper was a new approach for me with a research paper. I found it very simple and useful to work with. I liked how it organized what I wanted to do so I could display it to my professor. I used pathos in this paper to show how my argument will be used. The annotated bibliography was fun except a little hard to do at times. The important parts are highlighted in my link to this.

Opposition Paper- Opposition to Prescribed Burns

This paper was fun to write except a little hard at times. I found it difficult to have to write in the opposite view of your own, but I also felt that it was necessary to do this because I knew what to argue against. It did not take too long too write but when it was done I was relieved. I found that it was fun to put the images in it because it added that extra touch. The parts that I felt was interesting I highlighted in the link.

Argument Paper- How controlled Burns Improve Forestry

This paper took a lot of time to write. I had fun proving my argument, except I felt that it was hard to finish it off the way I wanted. I liked picking out images for this paper because I felt I found some really good ones. I learned that you need to have enough evidence to back up your argument completely. I have highlighted the parts that I felt were important in the the link.

Technological literacy: I have become more computer literate because of this course. I have learned more about power point because I used it twice; once for our group presentation and the other time for a paper organizer. I really enjoyed having computer lab time because we were able to explore different ways to approach our work that was very useful. In lab time we also has online discussion which were a lot of fun and helped explore the essays we were reading in class. The link below is the power point presentation the I made to organize my thoughts of the synthesis paper. Power Point

The end of the road is here. I have learned so much this year about writing. I feel I still need more practice in order to be a better writer. I need to work more on my editing and topic exploration. If I pick something I am passionate in I might be able to write better. This class was a great start for my college experience because now I am more confident. Thank you for riding with me through English 105.

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