School, Education, Wisdom and My Life

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School, Education, Wisdom and My Life

One day in class, I was asked what I "know about", and how what I "know about", relates to me today, in my life, as I am living it. Well, this is an account of whether or not I know anything at all. If I do know something, I'll make clear of how it is connected with me. If I come to the conclusion that I don't know anything at all, then I'll write about something else, if I know what I'm writing about. I shall base this narrative around me, starting from birth, and concluding it with the now and present. This I know I'll do because I have told you I will. And I try not to lie.

On an early evening of October the fifth, 1978, I, John Moren was born to an average, eight pound, five ounce body. How do I know this? First, I have hospital records to prove it, and second, I do not believe my parents would lie to me about something so monumental, such as my birth. At this time in my life, if someone were to ask me if I knew anything, I wouldn't know who they were, who I was, where I was, or what that gibberish was that was coming out of that hole in their face. I also wouldn’t know what a face or hole was. Starting off well, wouldn't you say? I was then transported off somewhere with some people, but I was happy because whatever it was that I was wearing stank of something ripe and everyone kept making funny faces. After countless hours of repetition, I finally came to realization that one of these huge beasts was mama, and the other was dada. The next couple of years, I am told, were spent learning how to walk, learning how to talk, learning how to pee…. Well, I always knew how to pee, but it was always in my pants. Among these amazing astonishment’s, I learned how to get into trouble, and get out of it with my charming eyes and goo-goo ga-ga’s. So at this point in my life, I knew a couple of things, but I didn’t know why I knew them. It just helped out.

I soon started hearing things about school and was told I'd be there for a Long time. YA HOO! In my mind, I was thinking of a place where they sent all kids to be branded and molded into something suitable for the real world.

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I started off real swell learning letters and numbers then writing and math. Before I "knew" it, I "knew" a whole lot of things. I also learned that most of the stuff that I was learning; I wouldn't use later in life anyways. That was comforting.

And then, just before I was about to finish my 12-14 years of wisdom for the real world, I discovered something else I was told about. Drugs. I was always told of them, arousing my curiosity. I was also told never to do them. These people telling me these things had also been curious when they were younger. Maybe they were warning me, or being seriously hypocritical. Anywho, curiosity with a mix of peer-pressure led to the path of the "dark-side". First it was cigarettes, which, by the way, I couldn't stand the smell of. That led to the occasional beer and Jimmy Beam shot. In my case, it was the Jimmy Beam shuffle. Then.... Well, then was several years ago and I really don't care to reflect on them. Sorry. Maybe some other time.

What I'm trying to get at is I became knowledgeable in many things taught in and out of school. At this point, if I was asked, "what do you know", I wouldn't have given them the time of day. I also wouldn't have given myself the opportunity to look at myself and reflect on what it was I really did know and understand.

After giving it some thought and praying to God, I realized that my life wasn't going anywhere. I had talents that I stopped using. I had goals and dreams that were disappearing in the darkness. My mind was becoming dark and I didn't agree with it. Neither did God. We decided to do something about that. I rededicated my life to Christ, confessed till my tongue almost fell off, and gave God's plan a try. He wanted me to get an education, a Real one. So I tied my shoes and headed off to B.S.U.

So far, so good. I'm getting my homework done, just like before. I'm being retaught the things that I still remember. And I'm making friends. So what's so different? The difference is, this school wants me to think for myself. This school wants me to look at my life and express myself in ways that I never did. To become comfortable with myself, with my ideas, thoughts, emotions, and even love. I always found K through 12 schooling bland and repetitious. New facts, but in general, still the same ol' stuff. And those annoying bells before class, after class, and sometimes while I slept. But that's because I was in class.... sleeping. This school, along with God's wisdom, is giving me a whole different outlook on education/wisdom and life.

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