The Gold Card

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" I always told you kids don’t buy it unless ya got the money."
"Hey let’s go grab a bite to eat."
"Yeah! that sounds good. I heard there is a new restaurant down on Grand that’s suppose to be good."
"Okay", said my friend Shannon.
We arrived at the restaurant and sat down. The waiter brought our menus.
"I’m gonna get the broiled salmon in creamy herb sauce"
"I’m gonna have the vegi ravioli" Shannon said.
"MMMM that sounds good." I replied.
The server brought our food and we enjoyed catching up with each other.
"Wow that was so delicious wasn’t it?"
"Yeah, hey this one is on me because I think you treated last time."
"Thanks" Shannon replied. Then I whipped out my shiny Gold Platinum card at 3.9%. The waiter came by with that little black waiter case thing and a couple of mints. We paid and then we left.
"Say do you mind if we go by the mall real quick I just want to check a new store that’s opened up?"
Shannon replied, "sure that’s cool."
"I just gotta pull into the Super America for some gas." I said.
"I’ll pump you pay?" Shannon said.
"Sure." I responded. I dashed in to the SA and headed to pay. I noticed an article about alien babies that I had heard about.
" I read that one" a voice came from behind. I turned around and it was a short bald guy with a bag of cheetos in his hand.
"Really, how was it ? Worth $1.95?"
"Yeah" he said. So I grabbed it. Then I remembered that I needed some oil for my car. I grabbed some Valvoline and got back in line.
"That will be $27.09 please."
"Shoot, I don’t have enough cash." So I whipped out the gold again and zooooom we were off to the mall.
" Let’s check out that new clothing store on the second floor. It’s supposed to be really cheep. I’d also like to go to that CD shop."
"O.K., but I need to go to the cash machine first," Shannon said.
"Great," I said, "I’ll meet you in the chocolate factory."

There I was in the chocolate shop waiting for Shannon, when I remembered that my mother’s birthday was coming up. So I thought I’d buy her some nice chocolates. The coffee beans looked tempting as well.

"I’ll have a pound of the french roast chocolate coffee and these chocolates as well.

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"That will be $31.95," the lady said. I gave her my card and then I saw Shannon coming towards the store.
"O.K., let’s go," I said. We then shopped for the rest of the afternoon.
On the way home I said to Shannon, "I can’t believe I bought $270.00 worth of clothes1"
"Don’t feel so bad, I’m sure you needed those seven sweaters," Shannon informed me. But I knew I didn’t need them at all. What I did know, is that I should have listened to my dad. I got home and felt so bad, I ate all the chocolates.

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