Proposal for the Installation of Emergency Telephones On Highways in Connecticut

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Proposal for the Installation of Emergency Telephones On Highways in Connecticut

I propose to install emergency telephones along Connecticut highways. Connecticut highways do not provide immediate help for emergencies. Daily, there is a 50/50 change of an accident or emergency happening. There are 45 and up to 70 emergencies in the Greater Hartford area alone.

This report proposes that emergency telephones be installed on Connecticut highways. They would offer efficient ways to get help immediately for emergency situations and also would decrease the chances of crime that may occur while people have to wait for help.

The following is a list of advantages Connecticut drivers would have along our highways when there is an emergency:

It would be possible to get efficient help if there is an emergency.
You would not have to wait for someone to stop or a police cruiser to come along.
You will not have to walk miles before you get to a gas station or pay phone for help.
Senior citizens and handicapped people would not have to do either 2 or 3.
The chances of a crime happening will be decreased greatly.
Connecticut Highways
Connecticut highways do not provide efficient or accessible ways to get help immediately. There are between 45 and 60 emergencies in the Greater Hartford area that require roadside assistance. Usually, those people are helped by the state police, which are usually efficient, but emergency telephones would help greatly.

Increasing Crimes
Crime in the Greater Hartford area has risen 70% since 1988 and is still rising. Many times it may be dangerous to get stuck on certain parts of our highways.

Emergency Illness
If there were an emergency illness of some sort, the victim would no doubt suffer a while before help would arrive. What would happen if someone was having a heart attack?

Weather Conditions
We also have to consider bad weather conditions. It is almost impossible for a senior citizen or handicapped person to walk to a gas station or pay phone for help in a snow storm.

Installing Emergency Telephones
Installing emergency telephones will create safer driving along our highways. Whenever there is an immediate emergency, help will not be far away.

Senior Citizens and Handicapped People
Senior citizens and handicapped people would have a better chance of getting help whenever they need it. It will not be as difficult for them as it is now.

Eliminate Chances for Crime
Emergency telephones would also lessen the opportunities for criminals to prey upon the disabled.

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The information included in this report is based upon interviews with various residents of Connecticut, the Chief of Hartford Police, and the Hartford Courant.

The residents interviewed agreed that installing emergency telephones would further improve Connecticut highways.

The Chief of Hartford State Police agreed that it would help reduce crime on our highways, and that it would also provide quicker, more efficient help or service.

Plan of Presentation
This report is focused on marketing and installing emergency telephones along Connnecticut highways. It is presented in two ways: emergencies on the highways now, and reduction of problems with emergencies after emergency telphones are installed.

Installing emergency telephones along Connecticut highways is very important to Connecticut residents and people passing through from out-of-state.

The following recommendations will facilitate fast and efficient communication between someone in need of help and the person who can help.

Install emergency telephones three to four miles apart.
Put up signs indicating that telephones are available for emergencies.
Use of the emergency telphone will cost the same as a pay phone; also, if someone needed to make an out-of-state call, it would be the same as using a pay phone.

Commanding Officer of Hartford State Police Barracks, Charles Supsinkas
Fifty residents of the Greater Hartford area
The Hartford Courant (past issues)

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