Using Computers in My Work

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Using Computers in My Work

What comes to mind when you hear the word computer? When I realized what profession that I wanted to go into I didn’t realized just how much computers will affect me. I decided around the age of sixteen or seventeen that I wanted to become an executive protection specialist, also known as a bodyguard. I never really gave it much thought about it. After putting some thought into it I discovered that computers in general, especially laptops, will play an important part in a bodyguard’s daily day to day business in the near future. But there are some disadvantages of using laptop computer also.

There are many advantages for using a laptop. One, you can make out a detailed itinerary anywhere that your client may take you, let it be on an airplane or in a limo. Second, with the small size, the laptops that are on today’s market, they can almost go anywhere and everywhere that you could possible imagine! With an Internet connection, at your hotel, you would have instant connection readily available to the World Wide Web without having to monkey around with a conventional computer desktop that would consist of having to haul around the big tower, monitor, and speakers. This could be an important asset being able to check out what going around different parts of the county or even in a specific part of the world if your client is heading that way. You then could be notified about any potential trouble spots. Another example could be if you’re away with your client for a long period of time, you could use the laptop and Internet capability to keep in touch with family and friends. Since there are so many computer manufacturers out on the market these days this causes the price of the laptops to go down and the quality to go up. Even having the same capacity of the desktop computers. Nevertheless, with all the great thing about laptop computers, there is a negative aspects as well.

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The downfall to personal computers is that being so compact and getting moved around all the time the chances of the laptops of falling and breaking increases as each time its moved. Also, theft is another major problem, if one sets his or her laptop computer down somebody could easily pick it up and walk away with it without you even knowing about it. Another disadvantage to a laptop is the battery life, if you’re not close to an electrical source than all that you are depending on to run your whole computer is the battery. Also the mouse pad is much smaller than the traditional desktop and for people with big hands this could cause a problem for him or her.
In conclusion I feel that laptops and basic computer knowledge will be essential part in my career that I have selected. I would have never have thought just how much the potential laptop will affect me everyday with my career decision I have chosen. I’m looking forward to starting off in my new desired career.

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