The Process of Baseball Season Preparation

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The Process of Baseball Season Preparation

Baseball has always been America’s natural past time. Many fans love watching baseball but do not realize how hard it is to prepare for a season. Most fans think the players just show up on the first day. I think this belief is completely false. I feel that preparing for a baseball season requires much preparation. The preparation I use includes working on my swing, working out, and studying other people’s ideas on hitting. These steps are necessary for me to have a successful season. These steps have proven to be a valuable aid in helping me to prepare for the season. I believe these steps are the basic steps to becoming a great baseball player.

Developing my swing is the first step I use in preparing for the upcoming season. There are a few different techniques I use to work on my swing. The first way is to take hitting lessons. I learn much of my knowledge about hitting from taking hitting lessons. My usual routine consists of taking lessons three times a week. This allows me to be evaluated by a professional. I took hitting lessons from the same coach for five straight years. His teachings have helped me become a much better hitter. Another way I develop my swing is by practicing daily. Even though I take hitting lessons, I still need more work. I am lucky enough to have access to a facility that has hitting cages. This allows me to work in the winter and during inclimate weather. By going to work on my swing on my own, I am able to work on the skills that my hitting instructor has taught me. This seems like it would take a long time, but it does not. I carefully plan out my time, and this allows me to use my time wisely. I allot times to work different aspects of my swing. By doing this, I am able to cover all aspects of my swing. I also videotape my swing, and this allows me to view myself afterwards. Since I videotape my practice sessions, I can go over my sessions afterwards. I have caught and fixed many mistakes my carefully watching my swing on the recordings. Developing my swing is the first of three main steps I use in preparing for the upcoming season.

Next, I work out using weights to improve my chances for success in the upcoming season.

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I believe that this step puts me ahead of the other athletes. A strict weight training schedule has allowed me to stay in top shape throughout the years. When I approached my parents about buying a very expensive gym membership they were skeptical. They simply did not think I would stay dedicated to my routine. After four years of a tough weight training schedule, they finally believe me. At the beginning of the off season, I set a routine that I follow throughout the year. These exercises include bench press, squats, and leg presses. I started out going five days a week, but now I realize that is not necessary. I go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Working out also decreases my chance for injury during the actual season. During my sophomore year of high school, our top player, Bradley Prince, blew out his shoulder. This injury could have easily been prevented if he would have followed a strict weight training schedule. I believe a strict weigh training schedule is a necessary step in preparing for the upcoming season.

The final step I use in preparing for the upcoming season is studying other people’s ideas on hitting. Baseball is a sport that is all over the television. This works to my advantage. When the Atlanta Braves are playing on TBS, I get to study the top players in major league baseball. While most fans are only watching for enjoyment, I am watching to learn. I record many games out of the year, and later break each players individual swing down. I also read many books on the different styles for hitting. For example, I read about five books by the hitting coach of the Oakland A’s. By reading these books, I learned many techniques that I still use today. Although these books are sometime expensive, they are a great asset to have in your collection. I also talk to many different coaches on their personal hitting techniques. I love talking to coaches, and finding out what they know about hitting. I find out what they believe works and does not work. Every coach has their own philosophy. I take a little of each coaches philosophy. This allows me to put together a view point that works for me. By studying other people’s idea on hitting, I am able to put together a way of thinking that helps me prepare for the upcoming season.

In conclusion, I feel that preparing for a baseball season requires much preparation. In the process of preparing for the season, I work on my swing, work out, and studying other people’s ideas on hitting. Other athletes may be able to bypass this preparation and still be successful. For me, this preparation is necessary to have a successful season. These steps may sound easy, but they are very time consuming. I work many hours in the off season, and this hard work allows me to have a successful season.

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