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My internal organs thumped against my chest as I dragged my bag along the carpet floor and into the corridor. As I walked into the long hall, I glanced up and noticed the sign telling me I could get on. My entire body could barely hold itself together with the anticipation of the monumental, dream-come-true event about to take place. I said to myself, "I'll soon be in the air." I slowed my pace to further enjoy what was happening. Swarms of people walked around me as I treasured knowing that one of my lifetime goals was now inevitably going to occur. The excitement and adrenaline running through my veins could have killed a horse.

Not being able to stand such self-torture, I hurried my pace to what was almost a jog, until I had caught up with the unfortunately boring group that I was, as I felt, universally bound to. I came to a bend in the tunnel, where I saw through the glass window, that which before entering, gave no hint of its existence. "I'll soon be in the air."

Just after this quick bend, the crew became visible helping people on. Just before I entered the transportation unit, I looked down at the gap left between the door and I. The metal around the entry door was rusted and worn, which gave me an eerie feeling. Reluctantly, I stepped aboard and felt uneasy as I saw those responsible for taking us to our destination. I would soon know for sure, how I felt about my now plausible career.

The stewardess then directed me towards the back, away from the cockpit. I looked at my ticket and at what seat I'd be sitting in. I had to duck in and around people putting their luggage into the upper compartments and look for my number on the back of my seat that matched my ticket stamp. As I walked past one of the windows, I glanced out and saw the right wing. It somehow gave me reassurance that I'd be fine and I'd soon be having the time of my life. "I'll soon be in the air."

Joe, a senior that had decided to go on the trip with us, called from in front of me and said that he had found both of our seats. I followed the sound of his voice through all of the people and luggage, until I was in the back of the plane.

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I tried to place my baggage in the compartment, but my shaking hands couldn't hold onto it and it slipped from my grasp. I was a mess. Now shaking, my face turned bright red and in a confusion of everything, I grabbed the bag and shoved it in the compartment. Feeling dizzy now, I collapsed into my aisle seat and crawled into a slightly more comfortable sitting arrangement before I blacked out.

The next thing I saw was Joe's ugly, hairy face. AHH! I screamed. I jumped out of my chair and hit my head against the hard, metal casing of the compartments above. The entire area turned dead silent and a hundred eyes were all concentrated on me. Moments seemed like minutes and eventually everyone went back to his or her normal business.

Another guy by the name of Sam helped me out of my seat and stand up. Around this time, Joe was also being helped out of the adjacent seats, because he'd been flung back in surprise. Dazed, I stood up and was somewhat comforted by those on the trip with me. One of the stewardesses, over the intercom, asked everyone to please take our seats and prepare for departure.

I quickly grabbed my small bag for entertainment purposes and pulled out my expensive, new camera. I handed it to the stewardess and told her it would be my first flight and that I'd appreciate it if she'd get a picture of the group and I. During the picture I was towards the right and some of the other kids were leaning on each others shoulders trying to get their face in the shot.

We then took our seat and soon after, we started moving. I grew impatiently exited, whereas earlier I was nervous. The plane then did so many turns I thought it'd take an hour just to get to the runway. I spent my time talking to the people around me, talking about how nervous all of us were and how excited we were too.

Then, just as I looked out the window, a sudden gush of acceleration overtook everything. My body was elevated up as if some superior power was effortlessly lifting everything. My hands clinched the armrests, my eyes widened, my body felt as if it was being torn apart, my heart tripled it's rate, and my brain wanted to scream out in protection. Yet somehow, it was the best feeling I have ever experienced. I will never forget my first time "in the sky".

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