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It was a frosty night. The ground was soft, but dry. The sun had
almost set, and thick grey clouds moved slowly and silently through
the sky. The air smelt damp, the only sound anyone could have heard
was their own breathing, and the occasional chirping of a bird above.
The air was cool, a soft wind blew through the trees and Corporal
Brown shuddered, though not with discomfort and coolness, but with
terror and anxiety for the forthcoming events. As the slight whistle
from the wind sounded in her ears, she lowered herself down, as low as
she could get, into the soft muddy earth amongst the bushes.

It had only been twenty minutes since she was first given her post on
century duty, but already the young corporal was fed up. This was not
her idea of how to spend her Saturday nights. She should be lying in
bed watching a film, or out clubbing with her friends, looking for new
talent! Yet Sarah still didn’t regret signing up for the RAF, it was
only her forth week of Officer training, she still had another two to
go, and she was determined to stick it out to show the males that
females could do just as well as them, without the make up too!

Sarah Browns stomach had butterflies in. She knew what was coming; she
knew that it was almost time to put her last week of training into
practice. She tightened her grip on her rifle and waited. Would she
remember what she’d been taught? Would she be ready? Would she die?
Questions with no definite answers raced through her head. This was
it. Within the next three hours she would have he answers, this whole
nightmare would be over.

The night was growing darker, the wind was getting stronger. The whole
atmosphere was cooler. The corporal shivered, She breathed heavily,
but as quietly as she could. Then she stopped. She held her breath.
Had she given herself away? Someone was coming…

The trees behind her rustled ever so slightly.

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A twig snapped. Still
Sarah didn’t dare breathe. This was it; this was what she’d been
waiting for. The last week had been building up to this very moment.
She closed her eyes, not willing herself to turn around.

“You ok corporal?” Sarah let out her breath and opened her eyes. She
couldn’t believe it, how could she have been so stupid? She should
have known I would only be the sergeant checking up on her.

“I’m fine thanks! Has anyone seen anything yet?” She whispered, louder
than she should have done, as she was trying to hide her

“No, just a few false alarms. Nothing much, I expect they’ll be here
within the hour though!” And with that and a brief ‘Good Luck’
Sergeant Rawden was off, and as she watched him disappear, corporal
Brown was left alone with her thoughts once more.

By now the sky was getting close to black, though the moon shone out,
like a crystal ball suspended in the sky. The air was still cold, and
rain slowly began to make its’ way down to the ground, where it lay in
small puddles on the mud.

Sarah’s insides fluttered with anxiety and growing excitement. She’d
calmed down and lost worry since the sergeant had been to see her, and
was now looking forward to the attack, stupid as that may have sounded
to anyone else!

Corporal Brown was beginning to get hungry, so she slowly reached down
to her front webbing pouch to get her jelly. Trying to be silent at
this point was beyond her, as opening jelly quietly is an impossible

Feeling invigorated and even more excited after her snack, Sarah once
more dug herself further into the soft round and tried to ignore the
pattering of the rain, as it got heavier by the minute. Right now she
didn’t care when she was going to be attacked, or whether shed
remember what to do, she felt warm inside and a strange feeling of
happiness swelled up like a balloon filling with helium!

The corporal scanned her arc, looking for any signs of movement. As
she made figure of eights with her eyes, a movement in one of the
bushes to her right caught her eye. She focused on the bush. There was
definite movement at the bottom. Was it them? It had to be. Isn’t it
amazing how quickly feelings can change? The balloon of happiness
rapidly deflated! She braced herself. If it was them she’d have to
call ‘contact’ so everyone else could help. Was there time? She didn’t
know. What ever it was, if it was the enemy, they were getting closer
to the front of the bush. Was it??

Then, without warning, but with great rustling from the trees, came… a
large flock of birds. Sarah Brown hung her head in shame and unbelief!
This was the second time in the past hour that she’d been fooled. Just
think, what if she had called ‘contact’? Not only would t have given
away their positions if the enemy were near, but she would have looked
so stupid in front of everyone! Especially the sergeant!

Breathing a heavy sigh of both relief and shame, Sarah continued to
scan her arc. The enemy had to be coming soon. She would be ready. She
wasn’t going to fall for anything else. She’d only react to the real

The sky was now pitch black. Thick clouds had covered the moon, so the
only thing enabling the young corporal to see and watch for movement,
was her night vision! The rain beat down heavier now. Drops the sizes
of peas were beginning to fall, and a storm was almost inevitably
going to break out. With the temperature somewhat below freezing,
Sarah shivered. Her toes were numb and her hair was soaking. She just
prayed that the rain wasn’t washing off all her cam-cream, making her
too visible. The surroundings made her feel like she was a small
child, trapped inside a large black block of ice. But she wasn’t alone
in the block, someone was watching her, she felt uncomfortable and

Sarah suddenly stopped in her thoughts. She knew she wasn’t wrong this
time. That was the enemy. She could just make out the outlines of
one...two, no three peoples faces where their cam cream had run off.
She could see them making field signals to each other. No mistakes
this time she thought. This was it, the moment of truth. As the enemy
drew closer, she took a deep breath, made one last prayer, then
shouted the three most important words, ‘Contact, contact, contact!’
This was it, now or never…

The next few moments were a blur. There was a lot of shouting, gun
shots every second, and everyone stumbling and falling over one
another. Sarah’s mind raced with confusion. Was she doing it right?
Would she pass? But she had no time to worry. The interrogation was
beginning, and this time she was a victim!

Beeeppp! It was over. End ex! Now she’d done it, it was all over, no
second chances now; she’d completed the weekend. Whether she’d passed
or not, whether shed demonstrated what she knew and what shed been
taught she didn’t know. She’d done it in her mind. She had
self-satisfaction. But now she didn’t need worry. She could just go
back home, have a bath and sleep!!! She only had two weeks left, and
then shed know if she’d done it …

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