Abortion and euthanasia

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Abortion And Euthanasia

The Roman Catholic Church believe that life begins when the baby is
made (conception). From this belief it influences its attitude to
issues such as contraception, euthanasia and suicide.

Roman Catholics say that life is sacred. What they mean by that is
that life is special to God. For them, every person is a separate
living human being and all have the rights to live.

All Roman Catholics are against abortion, they believe that abortion
is a murder and should have the rights to life.

The Catholic Church teaches that deliberate procured ab ortion is a
serious sin all circumstances.

The Catholic Church refers to the fifth of the ten Commandments ( thou
shalt not kill) because it has a meaning.

Christians believe that because God created life, no one ever has the
right to destroy it, whilst others believe that there are times when a
woman's circumstances should be treated with compassion and that
abortion may be a 'necessary evil'.

However other Christians,such as Anglicans and Methodist does not
believe that life does not begin until they are born. They believe
that abortion is an evil thing, so they avoid it if at all possible.

The Muslims are also against abortion. They believe that all things
are things are in harmony with nature and the best way to live is to
support this harmony. However Muslims believe that abortion can take
place if the mother's health is in danger.

Muslims believe that all human life is sacred because it is a gift
from Allah.

The Hindus are also against abortion unless the mother's life is at
risk. They believe the soul is present in life. Hindus have respect
for all life because in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, it is
possible to be born as an animal, a tree, or even a flower.

There are four types of euthanasia;

Active Euthanasia, which is usually called suicide, and is the taking
of ones life.

Compulsory Euthanasia, which is, was a decision is made that a person

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must die.

Voluntary Euthanasia is when a person chooses to end their life, which
is sometimes called 'Mercy-Killing'

Passive Euthanasia is when a person is not helped to die.

The Roman Catholic says that every person is created by God and
offered Christians Salvation. Killing an innocent person is never

Euthanasia is illegal for England and Wales.

Muslims are also against it they believe that all life is a great gift
from Allah and it is their duty to respond to it. Most Muslims would
reject absolutely the idea of mercy killing, not because they have no
mercy, but because they believe that everything that happens in life
does so because Allah wills it.

Some Christians Support Euthanasia because a person has reached his
her point of life where there is no worth living for.

Christians believe that suffering is a way of strengthening faith and
is there for a purpose. Euthanasia goes against the commandment, 'do
not kill'. Euthanasia is murder.

Some Christians accept that life comes from God, but there is nothing
in the Bible, which states that a person must be kept alive.

The SPUC is against abortion. They only allow abortion when the
mother's life is at risk.

'God gives life and only God can take it away'.

I agree with this sentence because I believe that God will decide when
the time is right to go.

For example, if someone had an accident and even though that person
was a nice person, God would decide whether that this was the right
time for that person to go.

I also agree with this sentence because God was the only person who
gave life so I believe that only him should take life away whenever he
feels it's the right time to go.

I also disagree with this sentence because lots of nice young people
die and I just think that if it is true that God is just the only
person who can take life away then why let them young people die so

Well if they're suffering then I think that maybe they should suffer a
bit because this is life and everybody suffer a lot.

The Roman Catholic Church agrees with the sentence because they
believe that God is the only one who has the right to decide when it
should begin or end.

They believe that God is the lord of life because he is the creator.
They are against abortion and euthanasia, they believe that life
begins at the moment of conception; they also believe that life is

Christians also agree with this sentence, they believe that God
created life and no one ever has the right to destroy it. They believe
that because God created life he is the only person who can take it
away from somebody.

Muslims agree as well as they are against abortion. They only allow
abortion to be legal if the retention of the foetus or embryo in the
uterus threatens the mother's life,

The Hindus believe that all creation is made by God, and is part of
God. They believe that if you destroy someone's life it's an attack on
a part of God's creation.

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