Capital Punishment Should Be Reintroduced

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Is Capital Punishment the correct sentence for a murderer? I will be
discussing in my essay whether Capital Punishment should stay
abolished or be reintroduced after 38 years since the punishment was

Capital punishment is a form of taking someone's life in order to
repay for the crime that they have committed. There are many different
methods of doing this, for example a few of them are such things as
The Electric Chair, Hanging, Stretching, Stoning.

Since 1965 people have been saying that Capital Punishment should be
reintroduced. I will be stating most of the reasons these people give
in the next few paragraphs. One of these reasons is the fact that
prisons are getting overcrowded in England. There are over two
thousand convicted persons serving life sentences in our prisons
today, therefore if we were to reintroduce Capital Punishment we could
resolve these problems by sentencing the people who would at present
be sent to prison for life to the death penalty as a punishment for
doing wrong.

Another common point that is made is that with so many people in our
prisons it actually costs us money due to taxing. And as I said before
prisons are overcrowded plus every person serving a life sentence
costs £400-£1000 each per week depending on the amount of security
that they need and this is coming out of money that we work hard for.
So without all those criminals we would be living better lives due to
the fact that we would have more money.

In addition to that the public would feel a lot safer as well as the
Police Force because the criminals would no longer be around to take
our money or kill us for not doing anything wrong. At the moment we
are very unsafe because even the Police can't handle them and we know
this due to the fact that each year approximately 15,000 Police
Officers are assaulted and over 40 Police Officers have been killed
since they abolished Capital Punishment does that say something to

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Similarly it will also act as a deterrent so that criminals or even
any one will think very hard before they attempt to commit a crime.
This will work because as we kill people for doing wrong they will
realise that if they do wrong the same could very similarly happen to
them if they go and break the law. So due to this the country would be
a lot safer place.

Furthermore there is a saying 'An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth'
this means that the punishment should fit the crime. So for example if
someone brutally murdered someone else the same punishment would have
to be given to him or her to see if they like it being done to them.
Also if you steal something they would have to give that item back as
well as the person that he or she stole it from could take something
of theirs.

In addition to all of the points I have stated. Murderers would never
be able to re-offend because it is a well known fact that some
criminals do get out of prison, and then commit another crime and if
you sentenced them to Capital Punishment they would never be able to
do this again. So the Police wouldn't have as much trouble trying to
catch the same people over and over again.

Moreover it would be justice to the family of the victim and the
victim as well. What I mean by this is that they could see the person
get whatever punishment he gets. For example if the criminal was
sentenced to stoning the family should therefore be able to throw the
first rocks and if he has hurt anybody else in his life they should
all be able to throw stones as well. This should really help people
get over the loss or hurting that they have had done to them and the
family around them.

However on the other hand the people who have been stoning this person
have actually killed someone themselves. So this may stay in their
mind for the rest of their lives so they may be really haunted by the
fact that they too are actually murderers. Therefore may have mental
problems and this may make them even kill themselves. So in this
paragraph I have shown you one of the reasons why Capital Punishment
should stay, as it has for the last 38 years, abolished.

To add to that it would be much better to put them in prison because
it will be a lot more painful way to punish them. Because in jail for
a long time is a lot harder than a quick death. We know this because
such incidents in prisons before where prisoners have tried to kill
themselves one way or another have succeeded. They may be able to do
this by having such weapon as a knife or they may even hang
themselves. So therefore if we do put people in prison they will live
a lot harder life than if we gave them Capital Punishment.

Moreover that, the criminals can actually be rehabilitated and
actually come out of jail a totally different human being and they
may, if they behave well, be released a free man even earlier. He can
then go out and earn a living because they have changed due to the
hard discipline of prison. If this person were killed it would be a
waste of a life that you have just lost for completely no reason at

Furthermore another reason and one of the main reasons how do you know
that the person is actually guilty? You don't know for sure that
whatever evidence you have picked up and what stories you have
gathered from people that they may be lying in order to fix him up and
you may take them seriously. For example look at the Bentley case
where a teenager was killed for a crime which he has now been pardoned
for, but it is too late you can't do anything about it now.

Similarly to that if someone is wrongly accused you can actually take
people out of prison but if you decided to give them Capital
Punishment you can't bring that person back and now they are gone
forever. Similarly to the last paragraph also look at the Bentley case
again that 19-year-old boy has been discovered not guilty but nothing
can be done because they killed him. This is yet another waste of a
life. So therefore keep Capital Punishment abolished.

It is also an extremely cruel and barbaric thing to do as said by many
people. Like for example in an article it states that 'Capital
Punishment is a form of official revenge no less barbarous than the
criminal's slaughter of his victim'. This is saying that what we would
be doing is pure evil and you are stooping down to the murderers level
due to the evil killing of the man that you have actually done.

Similarly another point nearly the same, as the other is that the
people who actually kills the murderer in Capital Punishment are
actually murderers themselves. And they are therefore stooping down to
the murderer's standards and doing something just as brutal as the
murderer has done to the victim. It is not right because otherwise
surely the person killing the murderer should also be killed due to
equal rights and then whoever killed him would then have to die and so
on and so forth.

Also Capital Punishment could encourage martyrs who may actually want
to do. Therefore they will kill an innocent person so that they can
get killed because they may not have that good life that some of us
lead. So therefore you have lost two good lives which you didn't need
to do at all and therefore just cruel and inhumane.

Similarly life could become cheap and Capital Punishment could
desensitise people. So if they feel they have a very poor life with
girlfriend troubles, money troubles or even child troubles that person
would automatically think that if they murder someone they will get
given Capital Punishment so therefore not have to live the poor life
that they have at the moment. And also the family around that person
would also feel down because it is partially their fault.

So therefore I conclude this essay by saying that having listened to
both sides of the story, my personal opinion is one that I believe is
a very good idea. And that is that if someone gets a life sentence
they should be put in prison. And at the first sign of them being in
trouble and therefore certain that they have committed the crime
should be sentenced to one of the harshest ways of dying in fact the
worst way to die and that is Capital Punishment.

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