Informative Speech: Why Drug Use has Fallen

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Informative Speech: Why Drug Use has Fallen

After listening to my speech today, you will understand and gain
knowledge why drug use has fallen among our nation's children.

I. Intro


A. The annual study on drug use among young Americans complied
by Pride Survey, a non-profit, by-partisan group that surveys
over 100,000 students from 6th to 12th grade has shown that
drug use has fallen to the lowest level in 8 years.

B. After researching the study, it attributes the drop to be
associated to three main reasons:

1. Refocus on family

2. The involvement of Parents and Teachers

3. Community help and Services

II. Body


A. Refocus on Family

1. Survey Author, Thomas Gleaton states, "Following the 9/11 attack,
it seems that American's have refocused on family, community,
spirituality and nation."

2. John P. Walters, director of National Drug Control Policy also
comments, " The attack sent shock waves through our nation's schools
just as kids were beginning the school year. The survey suggests that
young Americans may be taking their lives and communities more
seriously by saying no to drugs."

B. Involvement of Parents and Teachers

1. More parents have become "hands-on" parents. Meaning that they are
more involved with their children by:

a. Impose curfews

b. Regular chores and responsibilities

c. Expectation of behaviors

2. Statistics show that teens with "hands-on" parents are ΒΌ as likely
to get involved with drugs as are teens with "hands-off" parents.

3. Education of parents and teachers has made it possible to open up
communications with children.

C. Community Support

1. Mentors


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With pressures adults have to deal with every day kids sometimes
feel pushed aside.

b. Mentors can serve as a trusted friend and help them realize their
own importance and worth.

2. Advertising

a. The right ads can have a positive message to teens.

b. Congress set aside $ 929 million to support this effort

c. The Bush Administration wants another $180 million to continue the

III. Conclusion

During this time that I have been speaking to you I have talked about
3 reasons it is felt that drug use among teens has gone down:

a. The refocus on family

b. Parent and Teacher Involvement

c. Community help and services

Therefore, my goal today is to inform you that everyone needs to be
involved with our youth today to keep the numbers on drug use down.

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