Graduation Speech: The Beginning of Your Life

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Parents, teachers, families and friends, welcome and thank you for joining us tonight at the County High School graduation ceremony for the Class of 2012!
Graduation is a time to look fondly upon memories which have been made over the past three years. I am sure all of us have our own memories which we hold close to our hearts and make us grin when we think of them. Events which become very vivid in my mind are football and basketball games, dances, pep assemblies, at least the ones from our sophomore and junior years, and especially time spent with a group of friends just doing whatever. It hurts to think of all these memories and then realize this time period in our lives is coming to an end.

From the lyrics of Dave Mathews, "So why would you care, to get out of this place, you and me and all our friends, such a happy human race ... As we all go our separate ways ... I will remember."

Graduation is also time to look at what the future has in store for each of us. It is a very serious time, a time to take a look at what path our lives are going to take once the caps and gowns are taken off and we are thrust into a world which is not so well known to most of us. Will you be successful? Will you be unsuccessful? This success I am speaking of has nothing to do with monetary gains but is measured solely by happiness. Are you truly happy? Will you be five or ten years down the road? Begin planning for your future tonight, set goals. Figure out ways to achieve these goals and fulfill your dreams. If you do not like the path your life has taken thus far, if it does not make you happy, re-

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Related Searches">route yourself, blaze your own trail if need be. Tonight is the beginning of the rest of our lives, graduates. Please grasp it firmly and head down a path leading to eternal success, which I repeat is measured by your happiness. Parents, teachers and friends, thank you for helping us to come this far. All of us appreciate the love and support immensely.

To the graduating class of 2012, thank you for everything and congratulations.

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