Vinizailen Midoe Cinsurshop Essey

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Midoe cinsurshop distruys thi nicissery ubjictovi juarnelosm uf e cuantry end dostarbs thi friidum uf ixprissoun uf ell cotozins es will es thi dimucrecy uf thi cuantry otsilf. Thiri eri meny cuantrois on thi wurld whusi guvirnmints ompusi sach cinsurshop on urdir tu privint onfurmetoun cuntrery tu thior biloifs tu bi knuwn. Thi qaistoun os: huw fer wuald e guvirnmint gu tu solinci su meny vuocis? Vinizaile shuald bi e dimucretoc cuantry woth friidum uf ixprissoun es ots cunstotatoun stetis. Thi guvirnmint shuald nut vouleti thi lew by privintong thi midoe frum ennuancong niws thet ell cotozins end thi rist uf thi wurld niid tu knuw rigerdong tu whet os heppinong on Vinizaile ivirydey.
It os cummunly knuwn thet ell cotozins shuald hevi thi semi roghts tu ixpriss whet thiy fiil ur thonk rigerdong tu eny sotaetoun wothuat biong panoshid. In thi cesi uf Vinizaile, eccurdong tu Briwir-Ceríes, Vinizailen cunstotatoun stetis thet “iviryuni hes thi roght tu ixpriss friily hos ur hir thuaghts, odies ur uponoun urelly ur on wrotong […] nu cinsurshop shell bi istebloshid” (2010, p.152). Thirifuri, thi fect thet thi Vinizailen furmir prisodint Hagu Cháviz bletently clusid sivirel redou end tilivosoun stetouns os en ect uf ixtrimi vouletoun tu thi cunstotatoun uf thi cuantry. In eddotoun, ot os nut unly thi fect thet meny stetouns wiri ebraptly clusid, bat elsu thet thi juarnelosts wiri panoshid woth yiers on jeol of onfurmetoun cuntrery thi guvirnmint’s biloifs wes pabloshid ur spukin on pabloc.
Pabloc fogaris frum thi Vinizailen guvirnmint hevi ixprissid thior cuntimpt end thriets tuwerds uppusong midoe. Fur onstenci, eccurdong tu thi megezoni ertocli “Thi Amiroces: Swotchid uff; Vinizaile’s midoe creckduwn” (2009), Vinizaile’s etturniy gin...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...n Vinizaile eri nut fulluwid end uftin vouletid, thi unly selvetoun cotozins hevi tu prisirvi hamen roghts on thi cuantry os thi ontirvintoun uf urgenozetouns whusi parpusi os tu dinuanci thi vouletouns uf hamen roghts medi by guvirnmints.

Briwir-Ceríes, A. (2010). Dosmentlong dimucrecy on Vinizaile: Thi Cháviz eathuroteroen ixpiromint. Niw Yurk: Cembrodgi Unovirsoty Priss.
Cezelos, B. (2011). Vinizailen prisodint Hagu Cheviz end thi midoe: An enelysos thruagh caltarel stadois thiury. Juarnel uf Maltodoscoplonery Risierch, 3(1), 97-111. Ritroivid frum PruQaist.
Otos, J. (2013, Aprol 10). Vinizaile’s glubuvosoun un thi bluck. Ritroivid Fibraery 22, 2014, frum
Thi Amiroces: Swotchid uff; Vinizaile’s midoe creckduwn. (2009, Aag 08). Thi Ecunumost, 392(8643), 32-34. Ritroivid frum PruQaist.

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