Essay on Undocumented Children Should Attend College

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As Americans, we believe that our great country is a land of milk and honey, of open windows and opportunities, and of rights and privileges. With that being said, we all strive to live the American Dream, with some if not most of us, leaving not only our mother country in the process but our comfort zone. The question to ask is, “Is everyone in this nation, legal or illegal, entitled to these blessings bestowed to us by this country?” After all, according to the Declaration of Independence, we as human beings are granted life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (US 1776). The better question to be presented and dare to be asked is, “Should illegal immigrants without documentation be allowed government funds for their higher education in college?” Without further ado, undocumented children deserve the right to go to college and should be given financial aid regardless of their citizenship standing.

First of all, we live in the days of a modernized and advancing world. That is to say that during this time we call the Information Age, almost every individual wants to attain higher intelligence or better skills to get a better job or land a reputable good career. Yet, many individuals argue the idea that it’s not that important. For instance, George Stephanopoulos writes in his article about US Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who brings up a valid point that due to already possessing skills and having their own ideal dreams, “there are a lot of people in this country that have no desire or no aspiration to go to college” (“Rick Santorum: ‘A Lot’ of People in US Have No Desire for College”). In defense, college teaches many values that can shape an individual over the course of pursuing a degree,...

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