Towards Conversation Entailment : An Empirical Investigation" by Chen Zhang and Joyce Y

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In the research paper \Towards Conversation Entailment : An Empirical Investigation",
the authors Chen Zhang and Joyce Y. Chai investigate the problem of conversation entailment [which
is the process of inferring hypotheses from conversational scripts]. For this they examine two levels
of semantic representations - basic representation based on the syntactic parsing from conversation
utterances and augmented representation which takes into consideration conversation structures.
The authors further explored two techniques to capture long distance relations between language
constituents - implicit modeling based on the length of distance and explicit modeling based on
actual patterns of relations. Some of the key observations of these experiments are :
1) The use of explicit model results in better entailment prediction accuracy when compared to the
use of implicit model. This suggests that the explicit modeling captures the semantic relationship
better than implicit modeling. Moreover, the di fference is clearly visible when the hypotheses are
facts but no so visible when the hypothes...

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