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Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

A vacation to the Caribbean gives you the opportunity to experience some of the world's most exquisite beaches. Just about every island of the Caribbean Sea will offer beaches that astound the senses; with a crystalline blue surf, snow-white sand and gently swaying palms.

To help you decide where to travel and more importantly what beach to select, here is a list of the top ten beaches in the Caribbean:

1. Palm Beach (Aruba) -- The utopian beach scene with brilliant white sand awaits you in Aruba's Palm Beach. This is an island paradise where you want to get situated in the hotel, then with your rental car, take off exploring the Arubian countryside like mad. You could go on doing that for a week and still see new discoveries with each jaunt. That's how amazing this place is. The gorgeous Palm Beach features a legion of first-class hotels and restaurants. Experience the Caribbean like never before in Aruba's beautiful Palm Beach.

2. Grand Anse Beach (Grenada) -- If you're looking for a beach with sugar-white sand, plentiful space and shallow waters, this is the ideal place. Located along two fabulous miles of pristine sand and sunshine, this sheltered bay has become a favored spot for both visitors and locals alike. This resplendent beach is prominently featured in advertisements about Grenada and its islands, and is situated conveniently near various leading hotels. Grand Anse is also known for enjoying the most tranquil and serene weather conditions, as the beach is situated on the western leeward side of the island, harboring it from high waves, swift currents and strong winds.

3. Johnson’s Point (Antigua) -- Comprised of lovely secluded coves, Johnson's Point boasts...

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.... Shoal Bay (Anguilla) -- The powder-soft white sand and clear shallows receding into the dreamlike blue ocean are splendid -- and yet this coolest of beaches is relatively quiet and uncrowded. Scenically, the tiny coral island doesn't have much going for it, lacking the lush vegetation of other Caribbean islands. But if you're seeking just superb beaches and a brilliant blue sea -- as well as fashionable resort hotels, villas and restaurants -- Shoal Bay is the best of beaches. Stretching for two beautiful miles, the sand is so sumptuous that you sink in up to your ankles. Shoal Bay is also where vacationers flee when they're escaping St. Maarten, the frenetic half-Dutch, half-French island next door. From there, you can hop a ferry over and spend the day, lounging in a hammock under palm trees. Peaceful Shoal Bay is the Caribbean as it ought to be.

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