Tips for Successful Online Learning

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When it comes to writing you definitely need to be self motivated and disciplined, I’ve learned in my life that committed and stable routines often lead to better learning practices. You always need to be open-minded about sharing your life with others online because the relationships you build between your classmates and instructors is a very important part of the online learning experience. I fully believe part of the learning process is sharing your personal experiences through writing and reading. You have to be able to think of your ideas thoroughly and then give your best responses; everyone might not always be correct, but if you’re a great listener you’ll get more out of the lessons you learn through other students lives, and advice from your instructors.
Reading and writing things you feel and want to express to others is something all of us students will definitely benefit from. Being able to participate and contribute your own ideas, perceptions, points-of-views are critical for everyone to learn. I do believe as students we can all learn from each other, as well as our Instructors . After all, we are being educated via the internet, and we need to help each other in spite of everything, we all can be the image of one happy little family. When you feel like you already know someone just from being online via your own computer; it’s a remarkable way to get to learn, make new friends, and equally admiring your instructors for there generosity in caring about how you will receive your education and schooling. Wanting to be a teacher or an instructor one day myself, I know that I will love teaching my students and having a relationship with them that will last a lifetime. I still have a high school teacher that I visit from time to time, and always ask her for her help with certain situations. So its good to bond with your fellow students and instructors.
Its very important to log onto your computer course(s) everyday, this is one tip that I absolutely follow because I never want to get behind or miss something I should have already had done.

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Not to mention, its fun to read the comments everyone leaves for each other, and I enjoy seeing what my instructors have to say. It means a lot to my learning process and my way of understanding exactly what is asked of me. Lastly, making sure you have a private place of your own to study, write, read and do all of your work is a crucial part of being able to absorb

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