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’Self-reflection’ can be defined as a provisional means of exploration based upon the assertion that reality consists of objects and events. As they are clear in “human consciousness” and not of anything independent of human conscious experience, where self becomes an object to oneself. The novels give a notion of a “self-reflectivity is “Atonement” by Ian McEwan and by Margaret Atwood. Both these novels are associated with palpable revelations of self-reflection.
Ian McEwan’s novel “Atonement” declared “a conversation with modernism and its dereliction of duty,” as a result he draws attention to his trepidation for modern history and the moral principles of fiction. The novel insinuates that the novel’s modernist inter-text is a “pre-text”. This is a fabricated form of text, which is fictitious to repress the real reason. For self-examination and atonement, a reliving of the author’s early, ethically disturbing works. Atonement revises modernism and McEwan’s early fiction in the reversionary sense of the word. By trying to ask for forgiveness and to mark and name and positively atone for the misdemeanour’s of the past.
In addition to “Briony Tallis” the protagonist’s one lie, has clearly sent a ripple effect through the other characters. The characters in the novel have also been provided with an opportunity to atone for their lives. The character of “Robbie” is the most expressive about guilt, regret and salvation as he thinks about it the way to “Dunkirk”. His wishes were simple enough, to be acquitted of Lola's rape.
The complete clearance of his name would be considered as a form of atonement it would set him on a new life.
However a touch more difficulty develops inside Robbie, an awareness that a larger and more imp...

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...oughout the first section of the novel. Later when she takes to writing books of her own, and tells the story of Robbie and Cecilia in her own, modern, way, she reverses her childhood belief in the simplicity and unity of interpretation. Now she believes that interpretations are many and ambiguous, that she as a writer has no business supplying clear messages to her readers.

The protagonist draws back out of dread of misunderstanding again and proposes only vagueness. She lastly comes to believe that this is not enough and, that her lack of enthusiasm to understand is more an act of weakness. The author McEwan explores the fragile nature of interpretation and the boundaries further than which readers are no longer justified in making insinuation and verdicts. This message resides at the very heart of “Atonement” which is born from “self-reflective.”

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