The Relationship Between Business and Government Essay

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Relationship between Government and Business in the United States

The government’s position is to ensure that citizens do not suffer harm resulting from business operations, such as selling tainted food or preparing foods in unsanitary conditions, causing ecological harm, or dealing unscrupulously in financial matters. As the government grows, government regulation, taxation, and spending has been beneficial for businesses (Carney, 2006).
Businesses prefer the government eliminate regulates and government watchdogs so they can continue to operation in a fashion that would increase their profits. Most business leaders believe the government is excessively involvement with how businesses operate. A poll taken in 2005, found 90% of Americans believed that large businesses had great influence over the government. The CEO’s of large corporations are able to have personal meetings with senators and cabinet secretaries to discuss their position and influence their decision-making (Carney, 2006).
Since the Obama Administration, the government is interacting directly with businesses to ensure that they are being fiscally responsible so as not to negatively impact the American citizens. President Obama had to intervene on behalf of Wall Street, automotive companies and the banking industry by means of stimulus package to avoid an economic depression for the country. Both businesses and the government need to work together to ensure the citizens receive the greatest protection in all issues, to include health and safety, defense, economics and environmental protection. The relationship between government and business is crucial and critical if American is to remain successful. Government will have to lay aside its bipar...

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