The Drawbacks of Standardized Testing Essay

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“….American schools administer more than one hundred million tests per year” (“Facts” 125). Standardized tests are used frequently across the country in many schools to evaluate students on certain subjects. Usually, students are hammered with test prep by their teachers, as well as stressed to learn everything on time. Teachers worry about teaching to the test so they can have successful students as well not worry about bad test scores jeoprodizing their jobs. But the fact of the matter is that a lot more than studying can go into testing. From scoring/writing errors, to improper handling, the mistakes that can happen in standardized testing are wide. This isn’t a good thing when future classes as well as scholarship eligibility is determined by these tests. But, from causing student stress to scoring errors, standardized tests are causing people to rethink their significance to education. And what many parents and students are finding out, is that these tests are not as good as everyone once thought.

As most people may assume, the preparation for standardized tests is long and time consuming, for both the teacher and the student. For the students, they must be constantly making sure they are on task for their normal schoolwork for the subject, as well as studying outside of class extra time. In some cases, students may have to give up activities they normally love to do (like sports, for example) to study hard for these tests that can dictate their future. This isn’t good for students either, even though they are trying to improve their grades. Since most colleges look for a well-rounded student, a people who quit an activity to focus on a test will be losing the well-rounded advantage on a college application. The student...

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...e time to do what they enjoy. This will lead to more successful schools and students.

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