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Students dread the time of the year when they stop with their course material and begin to prepare for test. Everyone is in agreement that some type of revolution is needed when it comes to education; eliminating standardized test will aid the reform. The need for standardized testing has proven to be ineffective and outdated; some leading educationalist also believe this because the tests do not measure a student’s true potential. This will save money, stop labeling, and alleviate stress in students and teachers.
Now more than ever, money is scarce and one way to increase this money supply is by the elimination of standardized testing. The cost for standardized testing in 2nd graders is roughly estimated to be between $2-$4 million, and the cost even greater at the high-school level (Fridy). The money that would be saved would be set aside to better prepare students for college. Purchasing updated textbooks, laptops, and technologies would greatly enhance the student’s learning environment. An environment that greatly enhances a student’s ability, would allow the student to become better prepared for college with the knowledge from the course materials.
Students should not have to take a test just to enter in to college because students are more than a test score, they are people too. Why are students compared with a test score that – more often than not - does not reflect their academic ability? These tests are biased because people write the questions and, therefore, they can make the question wordy and choose which ones to omit (Pollard). These test do not measure a person’s intelligence; rather, their test taking ability. As proof, the ACT science portion of the test do not pertain to science knowledge at all; rather, it ...

... middle of paper ... — must act on that understanding and move forward.” This is why testing needs to be eliminated, so that America can student’s as people based on credibility and character; rather than as a number.

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