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This guide is designed to walk you step by step through the process of calculating the organizational need component of the retention score. The form you will use will provide the other sub-scores and total the final retention score so you can determine who will be retained and who will be designated for layoff. Human Resources is available to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact Jack Loring at 44726, Jim Valliere at 45476, Joni Valliere at 43228, Chester Johnson at 45070, Laura Berkowitz at 44835, or Gene Pressoir at 44755 if you have any questions.

1. Establish how your organization will look in the future. Identify the functions, job classifications and positions you will need to keep for your future needs. Remember, you are retaining positions, not people.
• A job classification is the class to which a position officially belongs. The job classification has a title, a description and a pay grade associated with it.
• A position is a single “slot” within a job classification with a unique position control number.

2. Based on the positions in a job classification which will remain, decide which positions will be eliminated. Again, eliminate position control numbers, not individuals.

3. It is important to start with the highest pay grade job classification with an eliminated position, because classified employees can bump down. This will ensure that you do not have to perform evaluations for a remaining position more than once.

4. Complete the Position Evaluation Information. Use the drop down arrow to select the position control number. This will automatically enter the job classification.

5. Complete the competencies for this position that are critical to organizational success: ...

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...The file title should include the position control number followed by the job classification. If two or more positions are evaluated using the same requirements and form, list all position control numbers evaluated on the form.
Our position control numbers contain a back-slash “\” which cannot be used in a file name. Leave out the back-slash(\ ): BC\C2489 Class title becomes BCC2489 class title. You must use the SAVE AS option to save the file: position control number class title.

13. Repeat this process until every individual whose position will be eliminated has been considered for lower job classifications he/she previously held, even if no positions in the lower level job classifications are being eliminated. The higher level employee whose position is being eliminated has rights to be considered for all lower job classifications he/she previously held.

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