Terrible Teachers

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There are many different types of teachers, and we all have had that one really bad teacher. You might have had the one who stands at the font of the room and just talks, or the one who passes out assignments and will not answer your questions, or even the one who just sits in the back of the room and will not do anything. This is the teacher who ruins learning for everyone.
First off, we have the teacher who talks at you, not to you or with you. They stand at the front of the room reading from the text book and they expect you to pay attention. They might stand there and say a few words, tell you to read, but not explain it clearly, hoping that everything that they say is understandable. You do not learn anything this way. Sometimes you need someone to explain it and talk with you.
There is also the teacher who teaches to you, but will not answer your questions. They will attempt to explain it as best they can, but if you do not understand it, they think that it is your fault and you should learn it yourself. They may pass out a paper and when you raise your hand they ignore you. Then when you go to their desk to ask them your question, they say “Sit down”. If you do not understand something in the beginning of the assignment, how will you understand anything after?
Finally, there is the teacher who when you walk into the room, is sitting in the back, staring their computers. You sit down and talk a little bit and expect them to get up to teach you something. When there is about ten minutes left of class, you realize that you are not learning anything today. Sure, the kids in the class might think that it is cool the first couple days, but after a while, it gets old not doing anything.

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When I walk into Spanish class, I expect to learn Spanish, not sit and talk with my friends.
These teachers ruin learning for everyone. Those teachers will probably pass you out of the class and at the next level of the class it will not be understandable. We all met those teachers who talk at you, teachers who will not answer questions, and teachers who do not teach. It is unfortunate for us that there are bad teachers out there

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