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The sector of telecommunications is growing at a very fast rate. The number of people who need to communicate is increasing with time. This has created a favourable market for phone manufacturers and service providers all around the world. In Australia, the telecommunication business is doing well. However, a higher proportion of the population has developed a desire for smart phones. The demand for this kind of phone manly arise from teenagers, young adults and middle aged individuals. Teenagers needs these phones as a form of identity, a means of communicating with their friends (via instant text messaging, social networks and phone calls), mode of entertainment (music, videos and pictures) and as a means of surfing the internet. Young adults and middle aged individuals need these phones due to the numerous applications that they have (Dimitrova, 2002). These applications makes it easier for them to conduct their daily activities. A business man for example, may need the phone to communicate with his clients, check the status of his company on the stock exchange, make deals and still maintain his calendar.
iPhone 4S is the best gadget to satisfy this demand. This is an American phone that is manufactured by Apple Inc. To commemorate the life of the founder and CEO of the company, the entry of the phone into the Australian market will boost the sales of the company. iPhone 4S is a gadget that can be used for communication and entertainment. It is the fifth generation phone to be released by Apple Inc. since 2007. The phone has a touch screen, aluminosilicate in glass casing, light, a huge internal memory (16 or 32 GB), strong signal and a long battery life (Apple, 2011). These features have made the phone to be wid...

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...This will increase the chances of purchasing it.
Finally, the phone should also be advertised in social networks (Bach, 2007). This includes advertisements on networks such as tweeter, facebook, MySpace and so on. A large number of the individuals who form the target group of iPhone 4S are members of these networks. It will therefore be much easier to reach them while advertising on these websites. It is through these organizations that customers know the latest products that are present in the market, means of acquiring new softwares and phone upgrades, where to purchase genuine phones within their localities and the best places to repair their phones (Jugger, 2009). With careful application, these e-marketing strategies may make iPhone 4S entry into the Australian market to be successful. These methods will be effective in reaching and informing consumers.

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